Hero: 108 is an upcoming live-action/animated theatrical movie that is based on the cartoon of the same name which is set to premiere in April 2, 2011. The humans are live-action while the animals were computer-generated. Some scenes that were from past episodes of the cartoon of the same name were used for the movie.


Woo the Wise invented a brand new time-machine that time travels First Squad to the present China.


  • Justin Chatwin - Lin Chung
  • Moises Arias - HighRoller
  • Jackie Chan - Commander ApeTrully
  • Miranda Cosgrove - Mystique Sonia
  • Jaden Smith - Mighty Ray
  • Joon Park - Mr. No Hands
  • Chow Yun Fat - Woo the Wise
  • Brian Drummond - Vocals for male animals
  • Nancy Cartwright - Vocals for female animals

Minor Cast

  • William Hung - Ching Sen
  • Ryan Higa - Wu Song & Dog King
  • Keke Palmer - AlphaGirl
  • Rain - Kowloon
  • Kel Mitchell - Archer Lee
  • Kenan Thompson - Hurricane Lee
  • Hulk Hogan - Red Faced Kwan
  • Miley Cyrus - Rattle Diva
  • Ryan Newman - Rosefinch
  • Taylor Lautner - Master Chao

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