Hero of Peace: Super Coward (平和のヒーロー スーパーカワード Heiwa no hīrō sūpākawādo) is a spin-off of Garfield and Friends involving the adventures of Super Coward and his only friends, a rat and a mouse in The Perfect World. The story of the show was based off an idea of what the fantasy sequence in "Wanted: Wade" would be like if the crime commited in the episode was a real law.

Plot synoposis

In our world 100 miles away from Muncie, Indiana, Orson Pig and his pals live in the glorious farm of U.S. Acres. One day, Wade Duck discovers a mysterious red book near Orson's couch. It connects all the versions of the U.S. Acres stories in the world that exsist, and belongs to a spiritual creature named Bloop of The Perfect World, the opposite world of where U.S. Acres takes place, and things go differently there for Orson and the gang there, like a time machine showing the future.  Bloop says that the first person to turn to the tale of "Wanted: Wade" in the book would be granted anything they wanted. Wade is too cowardly to ask for anything to wish for, but he turns the page anyway. He gets sucked into the story, and plays himself in the tale. Bloop tells him that if he rips the tag off the couch again, something bad might happen. Little does Bloop know that Huruhuru and Shiori, the spirits of sorrow, put poor Wade under a curse-he has to rip the tag off as normal, because they hate the ending of the current story, and thought it was "cute" to see Wade in jail. As no superheroes are arround at the time of the incident, nobody's there to stop it-the story continues as normal, but the nightmare becomes a reality-we find out that this is The Perfect World, where you get arrested for ripping the tag off a pillow. Wade meets Benny Bulldog and Rafi Rat, (Brian Bulldog and Davi Rat in the Japanese version) bad criminals who are robbers, and they all want out-until Bloop tells that he is here because the prision and other parts of the perfect world are in danger by The Sorrow World. To save The Perfect World, Wade, Benny and Rafi have to transform with their pendants to become the heroes Super Coward, Universe Ranger and Star Wizard.


Wade Duck: A cowardly duck who was transported into The Perfect World via a red book. In that world, he rips off a couch tag and is sent to jail for 9999 years (this is 166 hours and 39 minutes in our world).

Benny Bulldog: A bulldog who robbed 50 banks and 60 gas stations, and Huruhuru's best friend since kindergarten.

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