Heroes, Villains and the Rejects is an American animated television series created by Mordecai Lopez The series is rated TV-PG FV.


The adventures of a superheroe team named the Saviors, who fight against the villains named the Resistance and the rejected heroes named the Rejected.


The Saviors

Fasto - Fasto has the power to run at the speed of light. His real name is Michael Q. Pennywise.

Purified D. Water - Purified D. Water is a water bottle who has the power to shoot water anywhere and swim well.

Prime Savior - Prime Savior is the leader of the saviors. He has the power of strength.

Crane - Crane has the power to fly. His real name is Jaden S. Macdonald.

The Power - The Power is Crane's girlfriend. Although, Fasto has a crush on her.

Sunny - Sunny is Fasto's best friend. Her real name is Sunny Sunshine.

The Resistance

Zombister - Zombister is the leader of the resistance. His real name was Jake Fantom.

Vamps - Vamps is Zombister's sidekick. His real name was Nick Jackson.

Wolfie - Wolfie is Vamps's brother. His real name was Stewart Jackson. He was a teenage wolf.

The Mutation - The Mutation is a combination of many different creators.

Heroes, Villains and the RejectsSeason 1101 - The Beginning 102 - The Sidekick103 - The Villains104 - The Plan105 - The Rejects106 - The Forgotten107 - The Pictures108 - The Exposure109 - The Fanboy110 - The Convention111 - The Test112 - The Car113 - The Robot114 - The Pirate115 - The Spy116 - The Fairytale Creatures117 - The History118 - The Experiment119 - The Explosion120 - The Battle, Part 1121 - The Battle, Part 2 Season 2201 - The Attack202 - The Dragon203 - The Second Part204 - The Adventure205 - The Pirate Returns206 - The Party207 - The End 208 - The Weapon209 - The Teeth210 - The Comic211 - The Fangirl212 - The Toy213 - The Wipeout214 - The Tornado (1)215 - The Hurricane (2)216 - The Book217 - The Apple218 - The Website219 - The War, Part 1220 - The War, Part 2221 - The War, Part 3: Series Finale


In the HouseSeason 1101 - In the Beginning, Part 1102 - In the Beginning, Part 2103 - The Day the Dog Stood Still104 - Water vs. Soda105 - Hearing Aids106 - Into the Kitchen107 - Making Friends with the Vaccuum108 - Onto the Lamp109 - Blown Away110 - Thrown Out111 - Trophies and Pictures112 - The Pirate Ship113 - Underground114 - The Breakfast Cereals115 - It Came from the Oven!116 - How to Blend In117 - Out of the Poster118 - The Dog-liest Catch119 - Playing with a Camera120 - The Outside World, Part 1121 - The Outside World, Part 2122 - A Rainy Day123 - I Hate Fundays124 - Across the 3rd Dimension125 - Fetch Me the Mail126 - To Play a Movie

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