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Heroes360 was created by a group of teenages on April 22nd, 2008. The idea came from Amy Carruthers aged 15, Graeme Radcliffe aged 15 and Stephanie Farag aged 16. They have successfully kept the site running for over 2 months now and will continue to run the site for as long as they feel it will be alive.

Many people help run the role playing community, such as the 'Mod's' who watch over the forum and help create new idea's and events. A big thank's too Andy Holme, Nicholas Mills, Kirsty and Lewis.

Plus Aaron Williams our youngest helper, who does most of the forum cp work, making the website look as it does.

Canon and non-Canon characters are welcome to the site.

Heroes360 is a role playing forum based on the smash hit television series by NBC, also broadcasted on the BBC.


Extrordinary people with extrordinary powers. Heroes using them for good and Villains using them for evil, but which side will you join?

[| Click this link for the site]

StephFarag 22:47, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

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