Mission 3: The Hershey

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Mission Script

{Bridge, 2000}

Rantonia: We have our orders, lets go to the Verath system, Helm warp 5, ENGAGE!

  • The ship flies off into the Verath system*

{Bridge, 2030}

  • Travan is sat at his science CONN looking puzzled*

Travan: SIr, i'm picking up some radiation from the starboard nacelle.

Ramtonia: What

Travan: It's gone, wait it's phasing in and out of sensors

Rantonia: All stop.

Travan: It's back again!

Rantonia: Wachowski send a team down to warp control, sort it out.

Wachowski: Yes sir.

Rantonia: Resume flight Mr. Stevens.

marine area 21:00

  • Sullivan was pleased with the marines they had adapted to their new

duties well there was one thing in her mind though Private Pai'lak was klingon and understandibly had not shown her any respect she decided to make an effort at this knowing that a klingon respects a great person and a great warrior*

Sullivan: *angrily* Baimbridge stop chucking those new caesium grenades around they're experimental and are probably unstable.

  • she turns and sees pai'lak practising with his bat'leth alone she

goes over drawing two knives which she uses to block pai'laks next swing*

pai'lak: you're sure you want to do this?

sullivan: yes

  • their blades clash sullivan is thrown back*

Sullivan: *getting up* so its true that a klingon has a great warrior spirit *attacks him again*

  • the fight ends and the marines are taking a break*

pai'lak: Lt cournel i mean Emily you have earned some respect but you have not earned a lot of it.

baimbridge: wow a human earning a klingons respect

rondra: that seems illogical

Jackson: yes!

cunningham: what?

jackson: finally we have confused a vulcan

  • sullivans combadge bleeps*

rantonia: =/\= all senior officers to the bridge=/\=

bridge 21:10

rantonia: we have a serious situation here which I don't know a lot of but I believe wachowski can tell us some more.

wachowski: we have lost power to warp drive unfortunatley it will be a few days before I can get it up and running again. also we have lost a lot of power to impulse drive.

fitzar: that is bad

soval: knowing our luck those alien ships will be looking for us

akra: and we are in no position to fight them

pariz: well we need some suggestions as to what we can do the more time we talk the more time they have to find us

akra: very logical thinking there commander

traven: how many times stop being logical

rantonia: thats your last warning ensign

  • there is a long pause*

traven: I suppose we could land on a planet

Rantonia: *takenaback* well done ensign finally you have said something very sane while we are in a bad position

Hansman: is there a planet near us?

Stevens: yes

rantonia: any other plans?

Stevens: escape

Akra: stand and fight

sullivan: the only plan that would work that we have suggested so far is ensign travens.

Peruva: and how long do you think we can last undetected on a planet surface?

Stevens/Akra: a damn sight longer than we will in space

dennigan: what class of planet are we dealing with?

stevens: there are two possibilities class L or class Y.

hansman: not good

rantonia: since when have things ever gone smoothly for us?

fitzar: never

rantonia: exactly

taren: we could try negoiation sir

soval: how do you suggest we do that those aliens are invisible

hansman: enough its your call captain

{Bridge, 2230}

Rantonia: Leave the Aliens, Lieutneant Stevens, please continue the course to the Verath system.

Stevens: Aye sir.

Rantonia: Good. Now if anybody wants me i'll be in my ready room.

  • Rantonia goes to his ready room*

{Ready Room, 2245}

Rantonia: Computer, send a personal message to Mr and Mrs Rantonia on Earth please

Computer: Please record message

Rantonia: Begin recording: Hello Mr Rantonia. This is a personal message from your Great Grandson. Andre. I am a captain onboard a federation ship. I have come back in time and reached this era. I am from the year 2499. The ship is the USS FIrebreather and i would appreciate it if, after my current mission is over that we could meet up on earth and you could act as my parents. Thankyou, your Great Grandson, ANdre Rantonia. End Recording.

  • Rantonia leaves to the bridge and speaks to Hansman*

Rantonia: I've sent a Personal Message to my relatives in this era, i hope you have no objections

Hansman: None at all.

  • The ship arrives at the Verath system*

Rantonia: Helm, take us out of warp. Travan, scan the area.

  • Scan*

Travan: The Hershey is just beyond Verath IV. I am reading small faint lifesigns coming from onboard the ship.

Rantonia: Stevesn, take us closer

  • The ship moves around the planet and th HErshey comes into view*

Travan: What class of ship is that?!

Rantonia: Excelsior, its been decommisioned in our time.

Travan: Oh.

Rantonia: Lieutenant Arka assemble a security team , your with me. Hansman you go down to Engineering with Lieutenant Commander Wachowski and keep me updated on the Hersheys status, Commander Pariz, you ahve the bridge.

{Hershey shuttlebay, 2300}

  • Rantonia, Arka and 5 security team members are wearing

environmental suits in the Hersheys shuttlebay*

Rantonia: =/\=Remeber to keep me posted Bertus=/\=

Hansman: =/\=Yes sir=/\=

Rantonia: Team let's get moving. Ensign, what is the environmental status?

Ensign: THere is no current need for environmental suits but i recommend just incase that we keep them on.

Rantonia: Good idea.

{Hershey jeffries tube system, 2345}

Rantonia: Out here, *opens jeffries tube hatch* Ah sickbay, there are people here!

  • climbs out*

Rantonia: *takes helmet off* We're here to help you

EMH: We need your assistance sir

Rantonia: Take your wounded to the shttle bay, i have a med team there that can assist them

EMH: Thankyou

Rantonia: Arka, go with them make sure they stay alive. I need to find the captain.

{Hershey, Deck 6 Corridor, 0035}

  • Rantonia and part of the security team are walking down a corridor*

Rantonia: We're on deck 6 now, so we need to find a turbolift that works.

Ensign: I'm picking up an odd lifesign

Rantonia: What?

Ensign: I don't know it's just there, it will reach us in approximately 6.531 minutes.

Rantonia: Into the nearest doorway!

  • They run through a door*

Rantonia: Transporter room 3, theres a jeffries tube, up it!

{Hershey Deck 1, corridor outside bridge, 0135}

Rantonia: Finally!

  • Opens bridge door and enters*

Rantonia: Oh my...Unknown aliens indeed

Ensign: I wasn't expecting that sir!

Rantonia: Get away from the captain!

Captain Ketra: Rantonia help, hes extremely dangerous, hes a...

Rantonia: I know what a Q is Ketra, now please get away from her Q!

  • Arka arrives behind them with members of the Q continuum holding

her hostage*

Arka: I'm sorry Andre, they got to me just before i couldd warn you, they've killed the med team and any wounded.

Rantonia: You slimy little *he dashes across the centre chair at Q, with a wave of his arm Q throws him away*

Rantonia: But you were banished Q!

Q: I'm back!

Rantonia: But how!?

Q: The powers of persuasion!

Rantonia: Don't you dare harm...

Q: I am what nearly destroyed your ship captain, i am more powerful than i ever was before and now say hello to the world with me never fallen!

  • Q waves his arm and Rantonia blacks out, he wakes up and finds

himself in his bed on the firebreather*

Rantonia: *gasp* What the...

{Bridge, 1200}

  • Rantonia arrives and looks at the bridge, he recognizes only two

people, Hansman and O'Kot*

Rantonia: O'Kot?! But your dead?!

O'Kot: What are you on about?

Hansman: Take your seat commander

Rantonia: Commander, but i'm a c..

Hansman: Commander, yes i know now Number 1 please sit down!

  • Rantonia notices that Hansman is wearing 4 solid pips and he is

only wearing 3*

Rantonia: Q!

Hansman: Yes commander, we are at war with Q, the Q continuum, as yuo already know we are fighting a loosing battle.

Rantonia; Where is everyone else, Travan, Sullivan, Soval, Arka, Pariz!?

Hansman: Cadet Travan is in his quarters he is the assistant helmsman, Sullivan we know noone called sullivan! We have a civilian called sullivan she is in sickbay, a borg, we are removing her implants, Soval, i've never heard of him...

O'Kot: Whats my sister got to do with this?

Hansman: And i've never heard of Pariz either.

Rantonia: What?!

Hansman: Do you need your hearing tested Commander?

Rantonia: Q, come out of your hiding place.

  • Hansman turns to Q infront of him*

Q: Surprise

Rantonia: What have you done with my crew?!

Q: Your crew, oh no there mine now!

Rantonia: You little..*draws phaser and fires Q stops it* What!

Q: I'm in charge 'commander' now die peacefully.

Rantonia: You first!

  • Rantonia decides to wrestle Q, he jumps on him and pulls him to the

ground a mobile emitter falls off him and the Hersheys bridgereappears, Q is gone and in his place s an unknown alien, Rantonia is on the floor, a fight is going on*

Arka: Get on the floor Ketra!

Ketra: Rantonia!

Arka: =/\=Ensgin, 4 to beam directly to the bridge=/\=

  • The 3 officers disappear*

{Bridge, 0200}

  • Rantonia is conscious Ketra is present with Arka*

Rantonia: We need to be wary of this new race we must rescue the remainder of the crew and get the ships sensor logs Ketra please come with me and i wil show you your temporaryu quarters!

bridge 17:00

  • all senior officers are present. Rantonia has just told them about

what happened while he was aboard the Hershey*

Stevens: oh my God

hansman: its impossible

Fitzar: he was banished

akra: he can't be back

Sullivan: you're sure of this captain?

Rantonia: yes

paritz: in that case I suggest we leave the area at maximum warp

dennighan: like fitzar says Q was banished so it is unlikely that hes back I would recommend an appointment in sickbay for you captain.

Rantonia: I think I know what I saw

dennighan: you probably saw a premonition or some alternate reality we know for a fact that Q had his powers taken off him and we know he can't have gotten them back.

rantonia: *relieved at what dennighan has said* right then now we need those sensor logs

peruva: I looked through their mainframe and the records are there but theres a big amount possibly spanning a months worth of readings missing.

traven: I did the same scan but I found them *shows Peruva a pad she laughs*

peruva: those are readings from two months ago

hansman: what now sir?

Rantonia: we find them, Peruva please download the Hersheys computer core while Traven runs a long range scan on all frequencys we have to find those records. and dennighan I'll have my appointment tomorrow at 12:00 right dismissed.

marine area 18:00

  • an ensign enters*

ensign: Lt cournel your weaponry shipment has arrived

sullivan: what shipment?

Baimbridge: I was wondering when that was going to get here

pai'lak: yeah so was I

sullivan: thanks for the shipment ensign *the ensign leaves and sullivan opens the crate inside are some up to date targeting computers,phaser rifles, computer material,grenades but right at the bottom is a wrapped weapon which has her name on it she picks it up and opens it*

O'Reilly: wow

Baimbridge: oh my

  • its a bat'leth sullivan looks suspiciously at Pai'lak who nods at

her he had obviously sent it*

  • there is a phaser shot*

Sullivan: west what did you do that for?

west: thought I saw something

  • suddenly Jackson speaks in a much different voice than his own*

Jackson: now you must all die

  • jackson falls unconscious Rondra is standing behind him having done

the vulcan nerve pinch/punch on him*

rondra: oh please will people ever learn?

O'Reilly: doubt it

phillips: you always do though don't you

sullivan: look lets forget about that and just concentrate on testing this new equipment please!

{Sickbay, 1200}

Rantonia: Thanks doc, always like to know that theres nothing wrong with me.

  • Rantonia leaves*

{Bridge, 1230}

Rantonia: Travan and Peruva, please take a science and security team across to the hershey and find those records!

Travan: Yes sir

Peruva: OK

  • Peruva and Travan leave*

{Bridge, 1700}

  • Arka is stood at her conn, running a tactical check on the Hershey*

Arka: Shields are up but failing, phasers are destroyed, Torpedoes have been expired. Life support has failed.

Rantonia: That means that the team will have to wear environmental suits.

Arka: Yes sir.

Rantonia: Tell them Then

Arka: Yes sir.

  • Arka leaves rantonia alone on the bridge*

[Hershey Main Engineering, 1800]

Peruva was with Travan and a security/science team in the hersheys main engineering, they were wearing environmental suits. "The main computer has been locked out" Travan said. "I need the codes". Peruva looked at him. "Try the bridge, i'll send 2 members of the team with you, Ensign, yes you, and Cadet Yevan. Go with Ensign Travan to the bridge and Yevan help him with breaking the code, Ensign you watch guard OK." She said sternly.

The ship was brighter than it had been because from main engineering, Peruva had set the ship back to green alert. Travan looked at the deckplan infront of him. "Okay, turbolift is...there" he said pointing at the plan. "Lets go" he said.

[Hershey Bridge, 1830]

Travan entered the bridge with the two others. "Yevan, you help me over here, Ensign, hold the fort" Travan laughed. Yevan started typing at his conn, Travan was stood by him. The security Ensign was at the door. Suddenly there was a bang at the door. "What?" the Ensign said. "There here!" Travan said. "Hurry up Yevan!" the CSO said worryingly. "Done it!" Yevan said triumphantly. The door was broken down. "Phasers out!" Travan ordered. An unknown alien entered the bridge, it wasn't humanoid it was mollusc-like. It slithered up to Travan leaving a trail of green slime behind it, it emitted a tremendously awful scent, Travan tripped. =/\=Travan to Peruva, the code has been broken, we are under attack

he screamed down his conn device. The slime burned through the carpeted floor of the bridge. Yevan stood in it, and it burned through his shoes. The Ensign lept at Yevan. "NO!" he screamed and pulled the young cadet out of the slime. His feet were severly burnt.

"Yevan to Firebreather, 2 to beam directly to sickbay!" the cadet said. The Ensign and Yevan dissappeared before Travans eyes. "Thanks!" he shouted. Travan jumped onto the operations desk and looked across, there was a sparking plasma conduit to his left, he decided to go for it. Travan jumped over the alien and fired at the conduit. "AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHH" he screamed as hot plasma burnt him. The conduit exploded and most of the plasma went all over the alien, but it did not burn, it sank in. Travan didn't like this one bit. He ran off the bridge but there were numerous aliens stood outside. "Damn!" he said.

"Travan to Firebreather, beam me up, NOW!" The transporter chief replied "I can't get a lock on you, there is something stopping me, Peruva should be with you in about 10 minutes."

"Well tell her that thats too long" This was bad. Victor stood knee deep in burning slime he moved his foot out, and in, out and in. Peruva arrived behind him.

{Continued from last post}

  • Travan is burning to death and Peruva can do nothing to help. One

of the aliens puts on a mobile emitter and turns into Travan*

Travan (copy): To bad Victor, you're going to die! Nadia will return with me to the ship *a copy of Peruva walks through the door and smiles at Travan* Sorry, i just love a happy ending. =/ \=Firebreather, 2 to beam up=/\= *the copies transport to the firebreatehr*

  • travan is still burning Peruva finally does something, she reaches

over to him and pulls him out of the hot slime*

Travan: These are brand new shoes, and this is a brand new uniform, my mums gonna kill me!

Peruva: Why me...Rantonia, Why me...

Travan: Why you what?

Peruva: Why did i have to come with 'you' on this away mission, couldn't it have been someone else!

Travan: Does noone like me!

Peruva: Probably not

Travan: Damn.

  • Travan stands up and goes onto the bridge.*

Peruva: Victor, let's tidy this mess up, get the engines back online.

Travan: How, we're here for sensor logs, not a joyride!

Peruva: We can do both

Travan: OK

  • Travan starts pressing buttons*

Peruva: Let's get this hunk of junk moving!

{Firebreather Bridge}

Rantonia: Travan, PEruva, did you get the logs?

Peruva: No sir, we couldn't get into the main computer.

rantonia: Why?

Peruva: Because we can't read Engli...*Travan elbows her*

Travan: Because the main computer was locked.

Rantonia: Damn. We need those logs!

{Bridge, 2100}

Stevens: Sir, there are still life readings coming from the hershey

Rantonia: Travan, run a full scan on the ships systems.

  • Travan pretends to press a few buttons and his ME bleeps*

travan: THere is a problem with some sensors, there can't be lifeforms left on that ship. It may be left over radiation.

Rantonia: From what?

Pariz: Those Alien scum, i can't believe that they did that to you captain, they are most positively the most disgusting thing since ghagh was invented!

Rantonia: I agree.

Stevens: Aw ghagh, i hate that stuff, i don't know what could be worse than it!

Rantonia: Those aliens.

  • Travan in the background is building up anger*

Rantonia: Have you seen what they look like!

Stevens: No, what do they look like?

Rantonia: They're like slugs but worse, i wish a could just pour a whole tin of salt over one!

Travan: Stop it now!

Rantonia: I beg your pardon?

Travan: I said soorry sir.

Rantonia: I recommend you go down to sickbay and ghet yourself sorted out Mr. Travan!

Travan: Shut it...

Rantonia: That is an order!!!

Travan: Sorry sir, yes sir.

  • Travan leaves*

Rantonia: That boy has issues!

  • Stevens laughs and turns back to his conn*

Hansman: He's been wrong ever since we picked him up!

Rantonia: hmm

<Bridge, 2230>

<Rantonia is sat in his chair, Pariz, Hansman and Stevens are on the bridge, they are continuing there Travan talk>

Stevens: He's different

Rantonia: What do you mean Lieutneant?

Stevens: He's usually shy but mischievious, but now he's outspoken and even more mischievious!

Rantonia: MAybe he's just maturing!

Hansman: He needs to do a lot of that

Rantonia: <laughs> How old is he, he's more like 3 than 23!

Pariz: Stop being so nasty!

Stevens: Eh up, whats going on there!?

<Rantonia and Hansman laugh>

Pariz: Lieutneant, i would watch it ifg i were you!

Stevens: ooh scary!

Rantonia: Actualy, she does outrank you

Stevens: I forgot

Pariz: And theres nothing going on thankyou!

{Bridge, 2300}

All is quiet on the bridge as nothing much was happening, Taren was in his quarters. He was eating deep fried chicken. His door bleeped and someone walked in. They were in the shadows. Suddenly it changed form from humanoid to mollusc. It was an alien. It's stench filled the air. The slime burned the carpet. "Hello?" Taren said. The alien moved towards him, it changed form again and came into the light, it had taken the form of Taren himself, it swiped but the real Miguel blocked it and ducked as another punch was thrown at him. He tapped his commbadge but it wasn't working. *Damn* he thoguht.

{Hangar, 2300}

  • FItzar is cleaning a danube class fighter and a pilot comes in*

Fitzar: What do you want?

Pilot: Nothing much just to *transforms into Fitzar* kill you!

  • The false fitzar hits the real one round the head and the real one

is knocked unconscious*

Fitzar: See ya later!

  • Fitzar exits*

{Hershey bridge, 2330}

Travan: Well this is intersting!

Peruva: Are you going to help me get this moving or what?

Travan: *reluctantly gets up* FIne

Peruva: Come on then, hurry up!

  • Travan presses a few buttons*

Travan: This isn't working!

  • Peruva presses a button*

Peruva: *triumphantly* It is now! Take the Helm Mr. Travan!

Travan: Hey, why do you get to be captain?!

Peruva: Because i'm more sensible!

Travan: I'm older!

Peruva: Sovals older than Captain Rnatonia, that doesn't make him captain!

Travan: I have more experience!

Peruva: Womens intuition!

Travan: erm...oh damn, can't think of a return...wait, oh good one here! Mens intuition!

Peruva: You what?!

Travan: Mens intuition, never heard of it?

Peruva: No!

Travan: Probably because i just made it up

Peruva: You don't say!

Travan: Anyway, i have more experience therefore i should be incharge!

PEruva: i'll let you fire weapons!

Travan: I'll take the helm Ma'am!

Peruva: good. *sit's down in captains chair* Take her within communications range of the Firebreather

Travan: Aye ma'am

Peruva: I'm loving this!

  • The firebretaher appears through the shattered viewscreen*

Pereuva: Contact Captain Rantonia

Travan: Hailing frequencies open

Peruva: Captain!

Rantonia: Hello? Who is this?

Peruva: It's Ensign Peruva

Rantonia: But your on the bridge with m..this is some sort of practical joke, wheres Victor?

Travan: I'm here with Peruva

Rantonia: Definately a practical joke

Peruva: No it's not, the Peruva on the bridge is an alien, they multiply tremendously quickly, they could overrun the ship in hours!

Rantonia: What!

Travan: I'm afraid that that is a correct hypothesis captain

Rantonia: Shut up Victor, wait! Arka, arrest that Peruva, Rantonia out!

{Bridge, 0000}

  • Rantonia is fighting with other crew members against the aliens*

Rantonia: Kill Them!

Sullivan: =/\=All marines to the bridge=/\=

Rantonia: 10 more people, thats gonna make a real differnece they're hundreds of them!

Hansman: Sir, the real Travan and Peruva have beamed aboard they still haven't got the sensor logs.

  • Captian KEtra appears on the bridge*

Ketra: What!

Rantonia: Ah captian, please lend us yuor assistnace!

Ketra: Of course!

  • The fight continues*


Yevin: No!

ketra: We're aren't making a problem for them we need more officers!

Rantonia: =/\=All senior officers to the bridge with phasers ready=/ \= That swhould help a bit!

{Bridge, 0100}

The fight was continueing, people had found the injured replaced officers and Dennigan treated them on the bridge the aliens had taken Jem'Hadar form. "DIE!" Travan shouted. The aliens turned into Borg. "NO!" Rantonia shouted and knocked the Mobile Emitter of one of them, Arka picked it up and put it on, she typed into it and became a borg, There was a sudden cold feeling and Sullivans eyes rolled, suddenly a strange voice came out of sullivan "We are borg, your uniqueness and abilities will be added to our collective, you will be assimilated, resistnace is futile" the cold shudder passed and sullivan fainted. "DENNIGAN!" Rantonia shouted. Dennigna came and started to treat Sullivan. Arka in borg form stepped forward and was knocked of her feet by a Q imposter. The Mobile EMitter was destroyed. "AAAAAGHHHHH" Arka screamed. This fight seemed impossible to Arka, but they had to hold the ship.


An alien fired at Peruva she ducked but the blast hit the connn behind her she was sprayed with plasma. "ow!" she screamed. Rantonia was knocked away but got up immediately. They continued to fight on and on. Another panel was destoryed and sprayed Dennigan and her patients. Rantonia fired his highest setting and killed one of the aliens. They were fighting a losing battle. Travan was unconscious, Pariz was unconscious, Sullivan and Fitzar wer both unconscious. They were taking terrible hits.

Peruva was knocked unconscious and a plasma beam rocked the ship, these aliens were obviously the ones that had attacked them outside starfleet. Another beam hit. "Sir!" Taren shouted. "What!" Rantonia screamed back. "We've lost shields and life support is at 19%!" Taren screamed back. "Bastards!" Rantonia replied.

{Bridge, 0100}
  • The fight is continueing*

Rantonia: Keep trying!

Dennigan: AAAAGGGGHHH *she is thrown to the floor unconscious*

Rantonia: Damn!

Soval: Shes not dead, just wounded!

Rantonia: Good.

  • A phaser blast knocks Rantonia to the floor, Ketra runs over*

Ketra: Bertus! Help!

Hansman: Captain!

Rantonia: I'm ok, aaagghh, my leg!

Hansman: Ok Sir, i think it's broken, i need a medical tricorder!

Soval: Commander, here! *passes hansman Dennigans med tricorder*

Hansman: Thanks, yes, defienately broken. *runs over the leg with a tricorder and heals it*

Rantonia: Thanks

Hansman: OK

Ketra: There getting to powerful Andre.

Rantonia: I will not loose this ship!

bridge 01:05

  • having just been revived Sullivan is back in the fight and

struggling hard against the superior enemy*

Sullivan: we can't hold the ship

hansman: we have to

sullivan: marines fight hand to hand shooting is pointless

  • the marines do this but the aliens change into klingons and all

wield bat'leths and disruptors*

Akra: oh hell

Pai'lak: I'll see you all in sto-vo-kor

Sullivan: you won't see us there yet because we're not going to lose

O'Reilly: yes we are

sullivan: stop being so negative marines lets do this

  • the marines start to fight*


Rantonia: Retreat to the conference room!

  • All senior officers retreat to the coference room except Dennigan

who is unconscious and Soval who is by her side*

Soval: Wake up!

  • An alien slithers up to them and shoots them both with a phaser.

They are dead*

{Conference Room}

Rantonia: Where are Dennigan and Soval?!

Ketra: There dead!

Rantonia: What!?

Ketra: My empathy tells me that they are dead.

Rantonia: Great.

Sullivan: We have no choice Captain!

Rantonia: Yes we do. Lock down those doors and barricade it with chairs!

Taren: Aye sir.

Rantonia: When that is done we blow the wall behind us up so we can sneak into the back room and back into the bridge. The element of surprise!

Sullivan: Marines set some explosives up!

conference room 2 minutes after last post

  • Baimbridge is crouching down sorting out the explosives while the

rest of the marines crouch in front of her behind a small baricade of chairs the remaining officers are throwing other chairs in to a barricade at the main door to the conference room*

Sullivan: What do you mean theres no spark you have a phaser don't you?

baimbridge: oh yeah

  • noise from the other side of the room*

arka: oh no

rantonia: oh my God

travan: what?

rantonia: they've found the manual release for this door

sullivan: baimbridge blow this wall

baimbridge: yes ma'am

sullivan: fire in the hole everybody down!

  • everyone hits the deck as the wall explodes*

Rantonia: our barricade has them confused everyone through the gap quickly

  • everyone goes through the gap in the wall where Rantonia and Arka

press themselves up against the doors to the bridge*

Hansman: for honor

ketra: for Glory

rantonia: for friends

fitzar: dennighan

stevens: soval

akra: O'Kot

Rantonia: before we engage I just want you to know that it has been an honor serving with you.

Hansman: *looks at the firebreathers senior officers they all nod at him* sir I think I speak for all aof us when I say that the honor was ours.

rantonia: right lets do this phasers on maximum setting *notices that the marines are carrying knives and that Pai'lak and Sullivan are holding bat'leths* or hand to weapons if you prefer.


  • Rantonia looks at his officers*


  • The officers fly into battle some are thrown to the floor some stay

up at begin to engage with the aliens*

Sullivan: Kill Them!!

Rantonia: Drive them back!

  • The crew force the aliens towards the viewscreen*

Rantonia: BRACE!!! *the crew grab hold of a fixture somewhere on the bridge and rantonia fires at the viewscreen, it shatters and blows the aliens out into space, the forcefield holds the crew in*

Ketra: Finally!

bridge 2 mins after last post

  • Hansman is moving through the injured treating them while some

officers debate about what to do next*

peruva: we couldn't find the sensor logs and I've run every single algorithim I could think of

travan: those sensor logs must be pretty valuble

Sullivan: I expect so

Arka: the question is what do we do?

Ketra: nothing yet

Pariz: what?

ketra: captain we downloaded our sensor logs onto the system of one of our shuttles if we beam back over to the hershey I'm sure we could get them to you

Sullivan: not until you've been decontaminated

ketra: of course

  • sullivan scans her with a tricorder it beeps furiously*

sullivan: what the? *notices that ketra has gone passed its an ensign from the hershey that is causing the beeping*

  • arka does the same as sullivan and gets the same result*

arka: captain ketra theres something odd about this ensign of yours.

  • the ensign takes a swing at her but sullivan vaporises it*

sullivan: typical theres always one

10 minutes later

stevens: sir the hershey has left the system... no wait its still here must be a computer glitch or something I'll run a diagnostic on it later to track down the problem.

travan: sir I'm receiving the sensor logs from the hershey thats odd

arka: what?

travan: the readings have these recurring holes in them

Arka: another glitch?

travan: peruv...

peruva: I'm working on it there doesn't seem to be any problem at all

pariz: I'm betting thats another glitch

stevens: three possible glitches what are the odds?

sullivan: preety low if you ask me now ladies and gentlemen if you will excuse its been a rather long night of fighting and I would like to try and get some sleep so good night to you all *exits*

arka: she seems more tired than usual

peruva: why?

arka: *checks her watch* shes misssed one regeneration cycle because of that fight.

{Bridge, 1900}

Andre sat concerned in his chair. "Peruva and Sullivan, I'm sending you on another away mission, to bring me those sensor logs!"

Peruva and Sullivan arrived on the runaway shuttle, "Emily, pass me that hammer!" she shouted. "Why" Emily replied. "I'm gonna bash this conduit!" Nadia brought the hammer crashing down on the conduit and the shuttle came to a standstill. "Good job" Emily remarked. "Thanks, start buffering a few buttons and transfer those sensor logs to this padd." Nadia passed the padd to EMily. "Done" she said triumphantly after a few minutes. Nadia tapped her commbadge. "Firebreather, 2 to beam up!" She smiled at Emily. Emily smiled back.

When bacl on the ship Rantonia sent an engineer to scan the info on the padd and Sullivan and Peruva went for a drink in the crew lounge. "So, your dating our Chief Science Officer?" Nadia asked. "Yeah" Emily replied. "You interested in anyone" she asked. "I've got my eye on someone" Nadia said cheekily. "Who" Emily asked. "Not tellin'" Nadia replied. Emily burped loudly. "Oooh, pardon me" she laughed. "Emily!" Nadia said shocked but laughing. Emily had been drinking a white wine, while Nadia sat contently with her can of lager. "It's not as nice from a replicator" EMily said. "So when did you become an expert on wine?" Nadia laughed. "Your drunk" EMily said. "No i'm not" she fell off her stool at the bar. "Come on" EMily picked her up, "I'm taking you to your quarters."

Nadia slept soundly that night knowing she had a new best friend.

Character Development

Karina finished scanning the ship for virusesand decided to make a move, she strutted up to the captain. "Sir, would you like to go out sometime?" she asked politely. "Tell me later" she smiled and left for her quarters.

In her quarters she switched her viewscreen on and spoke. "Computer locate Lieutenant Commander Kuvar Ju'To" A Klingon appeared on the screen. "Karina? What do you want?" he asked. "Kuvar, i just want to tell you that now we are divorced i have started looking again and hope that you are to." "What, you can't..." "I can!" "You promised." "Promises are broken, i've asked my captain out, bye" she finished determingly. She had been married to Kuvar for just 2 years before they divorced, he had been to ruthless and merciless, she hated him for that, she sat back and hoped that the captain would say yes.

Victor was on the holodeck, he was running through a holonovel version of Pride and Predjudice when the program suddenly stopped. Just a holodeck malfunction, he thought nothing of it. He decided to report it to Ryan Wachowski, the Chief Engineer. Wachowski sent an engineering team to sort it out. One of the engineers opened a conn by the holodeck. "Oh my god!" he said as hundreds of spiders poured out. Travan jumped backwards. "Inform the captain!" one of the engineers said. One of them ran. Travan had a look of fear on his face and he fled the scene.

A few hours later the Captan, a doctor, Wachowski, Travan and the team of engineers were stood at the holodeck, one of the spiders was in a jar and a containment field had been placed around the conn. "Where did they come from?" the captain asked. "I don't know" Wachowski replied. "Possibly one of those aliens brought them over here." Travan pitched in. The doctor spoke "Well i'll run a few tests on them, they don't look harmful." he smiled and left.

Captain Rantonia had been shocked by Karina's question. He got up, "Bertus, you have the bridge" and left.

He stood outside her quarters, straightened his uniform and pushed the button. "Enter" he walked in. Karina was on her bed, she sat up. "What do you want?" she stood up and walked towards him. "I've decided that captain-crew close relationships are against protocal so.." Karina interrupted him "No, your going to say No" she sounded disappointed. "No" he said. "If i want to be a rebellous captain, then Yes, sure, see ya round 8 tonight outside the holodeck." he winked at her and walked out.

He was doing what his parents wanted him to do and got a girl, "Good" he chuckled to himself, and went back to the bridge.

A few minutes after this the doctor came up to him and said that the spiders had been found all over the ship, "Peruva! Contact Starfleet, and tell them to send a exterminator." Andre ordered. "Aye sir" she replied.

{bridge, 1600}

Fitzar: Captain, What do you recommend we do about these Spiders?

Rantonia: I don't know

Fitzar: Do you think that they're poisonous?

Rantonia: I hope not

Sullivan: And if they are?

Fitzar: Then we all die.

Rantonia: We won't.

Fitzar: *scared* But what if we do!

Rantonia: We won't!

Fitzar: Sorry sir.

Rantonia: God, i wish this ship had a counselor.

Fitzar: Why?

Rantonia: Because the whole ships gone mad!

same thing as previous post*

Sullivan: the ships gone mad?

Fitzar: seems like it

rantonia: your not supposed to agree with me on this

sullivan: and he says the ships gone mad

Rantonia: what I don't understand is why we haven't seen these things before if one of those aliens brought them over then surely we would have seen them

Sullivan: i was thinking the same thing sir

Fitzar: a member of ketras crew maybe?

2 hours later in marine area

  • the marines are exiting when they all fall over a trip wire*

Sullivan: who put that there?

O'Reilly: that *pointing at a spider*

  • sullivan shoots at it misses and the spider bites O'Reilly*

Sullivan: *pulls the spider off him* I hope fitzars right

Karina and Andre sat in the holodeck, they were sat in an italian resteraunt. "You look beautiful" Andre commented. "Thanks" Karina replied. Andre stood up and took Karina by the hand and took her onto the dancefloor, together for what seemed an eternity they danced. After they finsihed Karina and Andre left the resteraunt and entered a moonlit Pier. "It's beautiful!" KArina said. "It's my personal program" Rantonia said.

After they had left the holodeck they stood outside Andre's quarters, "Do you want to come in?" he asked. "Sure" Karina replied. It was dimly lit and on the wall was a photo, "Is this you?" she asked pointing to it. "Yeah" he replied, "beofre i fell out with my parents" he replied. Andre kissed her on the cheek but she responded and kissed him on the lips. They fell onto Andres bed and thats where they stayed for the rest of the night.

THey awoke in the morning next to each other. "Thank you" said Karina, stroking his hair.

Andre got up, "do you want some breafast?" he asked. "Yeah" Karina replied. "Compter generate two portions of waffles" Andre said and picked them up when the computer finished. They ate breakfast in silence staring into eachothers eyes. "I love you" Andre said. "I love you too" KArina replied. They kissed again and into bed they went again.

The door bleeped. "Damn it, Damn it" Andre said. He grabbed some clothes, "WHo is it?" he asked. "It's Commander Hansman sir" came the reply. "Your late for your shift" he said. "Erm, i'll be with you in a minute!" Andre shouted. He put his uniform on and so did Karina, they exited quickly and went to the bridge.

On the bridge Rantonia was informed of the spider incident and that they were poisonous and the marine was in sickbay being treated. "Great, just great" Rantonia said. "Has that exterminator arrived yet?" he asked Peruva. "No sir" she replied. "We're in trouble" he said. "Seal of all jeffries tubes." he ordered an Engineer. "and make sure nobody opens any conduits" he finished.

After his shift he and karina met up again and went to the crew lounge for a drink. "So do you want to stay in my quarters KArina?" he asked the Klingon/Human. "Yes" she replied. "I love you" he reminded her and they hugged and kissed. "So get your things and move in, they went off to Karinas quarters together to pack and move into Andres quarters.

Arka had been put in charge of Spider Monitering, she was on the lookout for any of the spiders (ooc: Where did this come from?) The exterminator still hadn't arrived and the crew were wondering if it would ever arrive. She decided to go to check out the holodeck.

 The holodeck was in use by Sulivan when she got there so she

interrupted her and checked the holodeck. No trace of spiders. She left Sulivan to continue her fun.

Not much else was happening on the ship.

Karina now was woken up every night by spiders in her bed, she was now an expert at killing them, exterminator still hadn't arrived, hitting them with a piece of paper and kicking them against the wall, she was glad that she learnt Karate when she was younger.

Now she had moved in together with Andre life was easiier, sleeping in the same bed, going to work at the same time, spending late nights watching TV (i think it still exists in the 24th century) together. It was simple.

They went out for a meal again, this time indian.Chicken Tikka Masala for Andre, Vindaloo for Karina. When they finished they went to bed. The only problem with living with and dating the captain was people looked at her wherever she was. She ignored them though.

However one night they encountered a problem. Karina sat down with Andre and started to have a talk. "I don't know if this is going to work" he said. "Why?" Karina asked. "Because i don't think that your serious about me." he said. "Not serious enough! I spend all day thinking about you!" shouted. "Only if i have told you i love you you say that you love me." Andre said. "Ok, I love you" she said. "Your just saying that" Andre shouted. "I love you" she said again. "And your just saying that!" shouting again. "You think i'm not serious!? THEN MARRY ME!!!" she screamd at the top of her voice.

engineering corridor 23:00

  • Having just come from the holodeck Sullivan and the marines have

been clearing a corridor of spiders each person has a sword,battle armor,hand phaser and phaser rifle*

Sullivan: good job marines take a break I'm going to pay a call on the senior officers

conference room 23:10

Sullivan: I have a marine sargent in sickbay who is poisoned and we don't have an antidote we know that a sample of the spiders poison is needed so that the correct substance is used now I am planning to go into the holodeck that started all this and get the sample that way.

Travan: how are you going to do that?

Sullivan: with my sword if nessercary

Rantonia: I do not like the sound of this

Sullivan: well what would you suggest?

Rantonia: wait until they come out alone where we have a better chance

Sullivan: of all the cold blooded people why does one have to be my own captain if I wait more than three hours sargent O'Reilly will be dead.

Peruva: Its still suicide your way though

Sullivan: yes I know that but it also has the better chance of succeeding and I have already lost one corporal,corporal waters who was killed before we joined starfleet in this time, I am not prepared to loose O'Reilly If he can be saved I'm going to try now I'm paying O'Reilly a visit then in one hour I'm going in to that holodeck anyone who wants to join me can.

  • before anyone can say anything sullivan walks out*

Sickbay 23:30

  • O'Reilly is on a bed in front of her still conscious but in pain*

Sullivan: don't worry you won't be like this for much longer

O'Reilly: promise *breathes heavily* promise me that I won't

Sullivan: promised sargent

outside holodeck 00:10

  • sullivan is checking that she has everything that she knows she

will need*

Rantonia comes walking onto the bridge.

"Sir, can I have a word with you in private? In your readyroom please." Hansman allready walks to it.

"You look angry. Wha't wrong?"

"Two things sir. First, We are not getting a exterminator. Command is revusing to send one."

"Okay, I can agree that you're angry about that but why do you use that tone with me?"

"That's not why I'm angry. Where did you get the idea to start a relationship with someone of YOUR SHIP. Starfleet regulations state that a Starfleet Captain may not in any case start a relationship with someone of HIS CREW. YOU, Andre, you are supposed to be a excample for the rest of the crew. You're supposed to do as the regulations say, not the other way around. I'm not saying that i'm not happy for cause i am."

"Well, Bertus, wat makes you think that I've got a relationship with a crewmember?"

"I hread you." He says. "I love you" and " 'Then mary me.' I take it that that is prove enough. You've violated a Starfleet regulation. I can have you trown out of your command place for this. I can take command if I want to."

Andre stood and looked at Hansman, "I'm sure starfleet make some exceptions." he said. "Thats not the point" Hansman said. "You've violated the prime directive." "Big deal, i love her!" Andre shouted back. The doors opened and Karina walked in. "I heard you arguing outside." she said. "I can't help it if i fall in love with someone bertus!" Andre protested. "I love Karina, and i will marry her!" he said. "Then Starfleet Command is gonna hear about this!" Bertus said. "And i want you to be my best man!" Andre said. "Really?!" Bertus asked. "Really!" Andre replied.

Andre stood and looked at Hansman, "I'm sure starfleet make some exceptions." he said. "Thats not the point" Hansman said. "You've violated the prime directive." "Big deal, i love her!" Andre shouted back. The doors opened and Karina walked in. "I heard you arguing outside." she said. "I can't help it if i fall in love with someone bertus!" Andre protested. "I love Karina, and i will marry her!" he said. "Then Starfleet Command is gonna hear about this!" Bertus said. "And i want you to be my best man!" Andre said. "Really?!" Bertus asked. "Really!" Andre replied.

In there quarters Andre and Karina were sorting out the wedding. "Klingon or Human?" Andre asked. "Human, i've tried Klingon once and i didn't like it." Karina answered. "Date?" Andre asked. "I don't know, the 25th?" Karina suggested. "A bit early isn't it? It's only the 23rd today!" Andre said. "Do you want to marry me or not?!" Karina laughed. "Sure i do" Andre laughed back. "OK, OK, the 25th" Andre had been persuaded. "Now, relatives." Karina said. "Ah, Well, that's a bit hard, we've gone back in time 100 odd years so..No relatives available, except, Great-Great Grandparents, but they would faint at the sight of us!" Andre siad. "Right, wedding dress" Karina said. "Replicator" Andre replied. "I can wear my dress uniform". "Catering?" Andre asked. "Replicator" Karinas turn. "Reception?" she asked. "Crew Lounge." Andre replied quickly. "OK, Best Man and Vicar" worriedly Karina said. "I want Bertus to be my best man, but he has to be the Vicar" Andre said. "He could be both!" Karina said. "That's a bit hard!" Andre replied. "It would work!" Karina persuaded. "OK, i'll ask him later." Andre reluctantly gave in. "I think that about wraps it up." Karina said. "No, Your bridesmaids!" Andre pointed out. "Erm, Emily and Nadia" Karina replied. "That wraps it up!" Andre said. They both laughed and kissed. "Mrs. Karina Rantonia, How does it sound?" Karina asked. "I like it" Andre said.


  • sullivan enters holding a vial of the spider poison*

Sullivan: there you go doc

  • sullivan hands the doctor the vial*

half an hour later

  • Sullivan and a fully recovered O'Reilly exit sickbay to the sound

of the alarms*

Sullivan: get back to the marine area and have the platoon on light alert phasers only I'll see what those alarms are about.


  • sullivan enters the bridge to see only three people there

Travan,Hansman and Arka*

Sullivan: what the heck is going on?

Arka: it seems that an unidentified ship passed into the ships sensor range for approximateley 5.1267 seconds

Hansman: well why are the alarms still going off if the ship has dissapeared?

  • all other senior officers except rantonia and Ju'to come on to the

bridge Hansman tells them what has happened*

Peruva: well that certainly isn't good to know

Travan: well what do we do?

Hansman: first stay at yellow alert for a while in case whatever it was was hostile

Arka: I doubt it was

Hansman: well thats what we will do what we are not going to do is disturb the captain

Travan: right so what kind of ship was it?

Arka: are you deaf or just plain stupid lieutenant I have just said that it was unidentified therefore we don't know

Travan: geess well sorry!

Sullivan: will you two cool it this isn't helping now Arka can you answer Commander hansans question?

Arka: I don't know why the alarms are still going off unless there are intruders or...

Travan: just did an internal sensor sweep there are no intruders

Arka: in that case those spiders aren't what they appear

Fitzar: what do you mean? that they're shapeshifters

Arka: no there robots

Sullivan: they can't be it would mean precise microcircuitry the kind of which I have only seen by the doctor who worked on me after I had been freed from the collective

Arka: its the only logical outcome

Travan: yes but sometimes the illogical outcome prevails over the logical

Peruva: I don't believe it

Sullivan: what?

Peruva: he has just said something so full of wisdom that its stumped a vulcan

Hansman: *laughs* ok everyone to your stations Security teams on full alert please

"Sullivan, these are not robotic spiders, there living things!" Arka explained, "Prick them and they bleed" she finished. Arka moved to the tactical desk. "It was a ship" she informed Hansman. "An unknown ship" she reported. "What type" asked Hansman. "I don't know, the reading has gone" she said. Hansman moved across to the station. "Keep watch" he said. "We'll keep a lookout for another signature." he ordered. "Now can we keep the alarms to a minimum, the captain and Miss Ju'To will be worried!" he sat back in the centre chair. "Aye sir" Arka said. She pushed a few buttons and started a looping scan on the area.

At the end of her shift she went on a girls night out with peruva and Sullivan. Going to the holodeck and dancing a a holodisco, getting drunk and going to the crew lounge to calm down, they arrived in the crew lounge at about 4:00 in the morning. Nadia laughing her head off, Emily passed out she was so drunk and Arka still sober but having a good time. "OK, 1 shot of vodka for me, an orange juice for Nadia, and a bcket of ice for Emily. So we can chuck it over her to sober her up!" Arka said. This caused Nadia to laugh even more, even when she was sat down she couldn't stop laughing. "Hurry up with the orange juice!" she shouted at the bartender.

They lay next to each other in bed, talking to each other. "So"

Karina said. "We may have to move into bigger quarters." Karina said. "Why" Andre aske. "Just in case.." she trailed off. "In case what?!" Andre looked bemused. "In case, i have know" Karina was trying her hardest not to say the word. "In case you have a what?" Andre persisted. "How many letters, i know let's play charades!" he said sarcastically. "A baby Andre, A baby!" Andre looked shocked, he hadn't thought of this. "Oh right, that just in case. OK, i'll see if we can tomorrow" he said. Karina looked pleased. "I can't wait for tomorrow" Karina said. "In less than 245 hours we'll be married!" Andre said. "It's all been so quick" KArina sounded surprised. "SO you wanted it slower?" Andre asked. "NO" KArina said. "We've known each other for months now" Andre said. "I know" Karina said. After that they both fell asleep.

Crew lounge 23:00

  • Sullivan,arka and peruva are preparing the crew lounge for the

wedding tomorrow*

Sullivan: talk about late timing I thought this place was never going to empty

Peruva: people like to drink whats the problem?

Arka: *finishes pinning up banner which says congratulations in big letters* you mean apart from being evil?

Peruva: okay point taken

Sullivan: right now then we need to position all the tables together and make sure that there is enough seats for all the crew

Peruva: if theres not what do we do?

Arka: the logical solution would be to replicate some more

Peruva: *in rantonias voice* Stop being so damn logical (thats a quote from a previous post)

  • all three fall over laughing*
  • they finish preparing and are about to leave when Fitzar walks in*

Sullivan: well?

Fitzar: I did it

Peruva: what?

Fitzar: I painted the words just married on the back of on of our delta flyer class shuttles.

Sullivan: and the check list?

Fitzar: as requested I enlarged the sleeping area and put the ship on auto pilot it will track the firebreathers course and follow it until ethier of the happy couple take over and manually pilot it into the firebreathers shuttle bay

  • they exit Sullivan,fitzar and arka go to the marine area where all

marines and security personnel are assembled*

Arka: you know what you must do tomorrow?

Security/marines: yes ma'am

Sullivan: dress uniform and phaser rifles at shuttle bay 2 well before the wedding after the wedding myself and lieutenant Arka will slip out and go there in dress uniform ourselves when the happy couple enter you will present arms at our order.

Arka: thats a little formal isn't it?

Sullivan: we agreed on this and it was your idea

arka: ok but how are we going to slip out?

sullivan: i'll leave first looking upset because weddings usually trigger emotions a freed drone is not yet ready to expierience that will be right after the last dance then you will leave and say that you're going to check on how I am. five minutes later Fitzar will lead the captain down to shuttle bay two and we will go as we have already said

Fitzar: you've got all your bases covered

arka: we worked this down to the finest detail

Sullivan: right then marines dismissed

Arka: security dismissed

As soon as they woke up in the morning Karina went back to her old quarters to change into her wedding dress while Andre stayed in his.

When she arrived in her quarters Nadia and Emily were already there changing into there bridesmaid dresses. Nadia was complaining, "I don't know why, you couldn't have a klingon wedding, then we wouldn't be struggling to fit into these dresses!" Emily laughed "at least yours is a decent size, Does my bum look big in this?" she asked karina. "At least you can get it on by yourself!" KArina complained, i need you two to help me!" Emiuly sounded nervous "Answer the question!" she shouted. "Calm Donw" Nadia exclaimed. "Sorry, i'm just nervous." she said. "Nervous, i'm the one gettting married!" Karina said. Arka entered. "Stop shouting, someone will hear you!" she said. They finished geting the bridesmaids dresses on, now it was turn for the big wedding dress.

Nadia helped Karina get her dress on.

"This is fun" she said. "OK, your all set to get married, except your makeup. And the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue bit." Nadia said. "Right, something old, that's i know, my mothers diamond necklace. Something new, the dress. Something borrowed." she couldn't find anything. Nadia perked up. "Take these, i don't need them" she took her earrings off and gave them to Karina. "Nadia" Karina stifled her tears. "It's OK, i don't need them." Nadia repeated. "Now something blue." she said trying to stop Karina crying. "A blue ribbon in my hair." Karina smiled. "OK, put it on then, i wonder how the captains doing?" she pondered the thought for a minute and continued getting ready. Emily and Arka entered. "Ready?" Emily asked. "Just putting my makeup on." Karina said. "So you've got everything?" Arka asked. "I think so" Karina said. "Dress, makeup, bouquet perhaps" Arka started to giggle as did sullivan. "What are you laughing at?" Nadia asked. "Bouquet? AGHHH! Of course, the bouquet, now where did i put it down?!" Karina started worrying. Emily and Arka burst out laughing. "Here you go!" Arka handed the flowers to Karina who didn't see the funny side of it.

End of Mission Notes

This was the period of events leading up to the marriage of Andre and Karina, the next 'Mission' is the marriage.

Previous Mission: Parallels
Next Mission: Wedding

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