Hey Arnold! - Arnold Can't Wait To Be King00:00

Hey Arnold! - Arnold Can't Wait To Be King

heyarnoldfan2007 made this video. Arnold stars as Simba singing "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" with Gerald and Helga as Zazu and Nala. Enjoy!


  • Arnold as Simba
  • Lila as Nala (Lila and Nala both have their names ending with "a")
  • Gerald as Zazu
  • Sid as Timon
  • Stinky as Pumbaa
  • Bob as Rafiki
  • Principal Wartz as Mufasa
  • Stella as Sarabi
  • Mr. Scheck as Scar
  • Helga as Shenzi
  • Harold as Banzai
  •  Big Patty as Ed
  • Phoebe as Kiara
  • Eugene as Kovu
  • Curly as Nuka

More ideas?

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