Hey Arnold The Movie (2002) Soundtrack

Hey Arnold The Movie (2002) Soundtrack

This is made by Nick Records/Jive and it was released June 18 2002.
  1. Hey Arnold Theme
  2. 2 Way-Lil' Romeo featuring Master P
  3. Come Follow Me-Arron Carter
  4. Men in Black-Will Smith
  5. Lucky-Britney Spears
  6. Tearin Up My Heart-NSYNC
  7. Come on Over-Christina Aguilera
  8. The World's Greatest-R Kelly
  9. Come with Me-P Diddy aka Puff Daddy
  10. Steelo-702
  11. Fallin-Alicia Keys
  12. Just My Tonsils Baby-Lou Rawls
  13. I Saw Your Face and Wow-Ronnie Matthews
  14. I'll Never Break Your Heart" by Backstreet Boys.

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