hiccup as peter pan

astrid as wendy

snotlout as john

fishlegs as micheal

drago bludvist as captain hook

o hare (from the lorax) as mr smee

larry and snaptrap (from tuff puppy) frollo,s guards (from hunchback of notre dame) clayton,s thugs     (from tarzan) and ratigan,s thugs (from the great mouse detective) as the pirates

shan yu (from mulan) as singing pirate

red death as tick tock the crocodile

toothless as slightly

young simba (from the lion king) as nibs

ruffnut and tuffnut as the twins

baloo (from the jungle book) as cubby

mini me (from austin powers) as toodles

stiock as mr darling

rarity (from my little pony) as mrs darling

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