Hickory Dickory Link is a Super Smash Bros episode.


  • While Link is watching The Water Flowers of Cerulean City and Other Episodes with Captain Falcon and King Dedede, he encounters a clock and has to get his experience with it running.


  • Link
  • Captain Falcon
  • King Dedede


Part 1

  • (We see Link, Captain Falcon and King Dedede watching A Very, Very Large Animal)
  • Pooh: You had to stop because the ground has stopped, the rest of it is very down there.
  • Piglet: Oh, Pooh, there's nothing more than a little ditch, just watch how easy it can be rolling at.
  • Link: Look out, Pooh, Tigger and Rabbit!
  • (Pooh, Tigger and Rabbit carry logs as Piglet walks through them, but then he walks back and onto the top again, as Pooh, Tigger and Rabbit walk backwards, they fall down the cliff, screaming as they echo all over the 100 acre wood, they fall into the water with a splash)
  • Captain Falcon: Now we're watching Lights Out.
  • Rabbit: Uh, um, maybe i better look for Pooh myself)
  • Tigger: If long ears resists his life for all fuzzy tops, then me too.
  • Eeyore: Might as well go too. Rabbit's an inspiration to all of us.
  • (Eeyore jumps into Tigger and Rabbit and the three fall down the hole, their screams echo into the dark, Piglet and Gopher watch as they land into the ground with a loud Kuh-Thud!)
  • King Dedede: Now we're watching The Water Flowers of Cerulean City.
  • Lily: Misty, you left here pretending you wanted to become a Pokemon trainer, because you couldn't compare with us. Because we're much obviously mor talented than you are.
  • Ash: Uh oh.
  • Link: And then The Mandarin Island Miss Match.
  • Mandarin Island Trainer: Sorry about that, junior, but this match is mine. Okay, Tauros, take down attack now!
  • (Tauros charges a take down attack at Charizard who burns him with Flamethrower)
  • Mandarin Island Trainer: Oh no, he beat me.
  • Link: Now Rheneas and The Roller Coaster.
  • Michael Brandon: He didn't know the linesmen have forgotten to switch the points.
  • (Rheneas' Whistle toots)
  • Michael Brandon: Suddenly, Rheneas was on the wrong track.
  • Rheneas Oh, no! This line is closed for repairs. Bust my buffers!
  • Michael Brandon: Chuffed Rheneas.
  • Rusty: Be careful!
  • Michael Brandon: Cried Rusty.
  • Rusty: The tracks are very bumpy!
  • Michael Brandon: Rheneas wooshed down the mountain like a roller coaster. The children cheered.
  • (Link, Captain Falcon and King Dedede dance a can can to the william tell overture song)
  • Michael Brandon: Rheneas huffed up the rocky ridge with all his might. His coach clattered and bumped and bounced along behind, and the children oohed and aahed.
  • (Children cheering)
  • Michael Brandon: Rheneas huffed and chuffed as hard as he could, he steamed scross the trestle bridge. He was going so fast the teacher nearly lost her hat. Rheneas spalshed under a waterfall. The children laughed happily and the teacher covered her eyes.
  • Link: Next The Runaway Elephant.
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan started to speed up. Soon Ducnan was going as as his wheels could carry him. His driver was starting to worry so he tried to brake But Duncan was out of control. He was scared, he had never gone this fast. People waved and cars tooted as Duncan sped by. Suddenly a tractor trundled across Duncan's line.
  • Duncan's Driver: Look out!
  • Michael Brandon: Shouted his driver.
  • (Duncan passes the crossing and was racing across the line)
  • Rusty: Slow down! Slow down!
  • Michael Brandon: Whistled Rusty.
  • Duncan: I can't!
  • Michael Brandon: Duncan cried as he shot past.
  • Duncan: Whoa!
  • Michael Brandon: Elephant park loomed ahead. Duncan's driver applied the brakes but it was too late.
  • Link: We beter watch the rest of the video in the next part
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (

Part 3

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