Hiding Child is a short from the series, The Chickenbark Programming, which was from the 2011 series "Action Buster" which is known as the most highest viewed short in Action Buster.


Parodying to that of racial cartoon, Jasper and the Haunted House (except for the racism), Chickenbark has to deliver a pie to Old Man Thyme but Ghoulia and Dalia are trying to stop him. At the end, Dalia throws the bomb and Mokuba catches it causing an explosion. It turns out that Chickenbark was hiding in the haunted house.


  • During animating this short, this is the last short featuring the voice of Mel Blanc as Sy the Mexican. After the production of the short was finished, the Warner Bros. Animation contract with Games Productions has expired so recordings of Mel Blanc for the show was officially ceased. After this episode, Sy is voiced by actress Debi Derryberry.
  • This episode features little to no dialogue except for the opening and the ending where Chickenbark has the most dialogue.
  • This is the only episode not to feature African-American cartoon character, Rochester van Jones.
  • This short was inspired for an upcoming film that was going to be made but was shelved due to the fact that Mel Blanc's recordings will not be ready for the act of Sy. The movie would have feature more detailed history about Chickenbark.
  • This is the shortest episode which is 8 mintues long.

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