High-Five Jerks is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel (formerly the creator of Regular Show). The series follows the Regular Show characters Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost and debuted on November 7, 2011. It is rated TV-PG


The series follows 23-year old best friends Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost who slack off and get away with it by checking in with Benson.


Muscle Man - Muscle Man is a short, fat but muscular, slacker. He is 23-years old and his real name is Mitch Sorenstein. He often times tells "My Mom" jokes. Voiced by: Sam Marin.

High-Five Ghost - High-Five Ghost is a ghost who is Muscle Man's best friend. He died at the age of 23 and is currently 229 years old. He does not talk much because he was jinxed. Voiced by: J. G. Quintel

Bobby - Bobby is the duo's pal. They often slack off together or Bobby helps them with something. Voiced by: Tiny Linster.

Starla - Starla is Muscle Man's girlfriend who looks much like him. She is overweight and is obsessive and finds Muscle Man's jokes funny. Voiced by: Courtenay Taylor

Benson - Benson is the duo's boss. They often check in with him to slack off. Voiced by: Sam Marin.

Mordecai and Rigby - Mordecai and Rigby are the duo's frenemies. In the episode "High-Five Frenemies", Mordecai and Rigby are seen slacking with the duo which are the same events in the Regular Show episode "My Mom".


Season 1 will have 12 episodes and begin on November 7, 2011 with the episode "High-Five Friends". A second season of 28 episodes has been ordered.

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