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How It All Started

Well, one day, a very pretty girl named Mariam decided to start a High School RPG. So she went onto InvisionFree ( and decided to make it. Then she advertised it on Electric Emotions MB ( and heaps of people joined. Theres not much else to say, but if you want to find out more, just join High School RPG at

The Members - In Member Order

Obviously some of the members usernames may not say their first name. If you click on the link and go to their page, you will find out stuff about them and then be able to access their characters pages.

01. Mariam
02. Nicole
03. Beth
04. trashii
05. babe.with.brains
06. Kae.Keke.Ann
07. Linny
08. snadeem
09. Christy
10. kacielikeduhh
11. Fat.Louie
12. EmilyLauren
13. pukey-mcgee
14. taylor...?
15. Mia.
16. Allix_Jade
17. nicolesgraphicsDOTcom(Before and after the DOT is these things: [])
18. ¢¾SunFlower¢¾
19. haley_marie
20. MartyKreiger
21. phi-phi
22. kellyxx
23. je.lui.adore
24. Glamourous
25. pinkbunny_knz (Is the same member as below, but she obviously just typed in 'n' by mistake and then created the account)
26. pinkbunny_kz
27. Triality
28. laura_bell
29. Braces_are_Sexy
30. -Sarah*
31. Ayleiigh

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