The High Sleepers

The High Sleepers (HS) is the name given collectively to a group of nobles and their warrior protectors, in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Future Universe.


For those that chose the endless journeys aboard the Colony Ships, most accepted that they would never see their destinations. A few however, could not accept their fate to die upon these ships, and so took measures to see that they would survive the voyage.

The science of cryogenics, even in the far future, is still untested and risky. The Eternal Ones (as they like to so eloquently label themselves) use a combination of hibernation, as induced by near-cryogenic levels of freezing, in combination with regenerative genetic therapy and experimental methods, each jealously guarded.

For each noble that sleeps in such a way, an untold number of followers maintain and guard their masters. Technicians – Cyromancers, Genomancers – keep a watchful eye on their employers, specially trained so that they can repair and maintain the status chambers, but are unable to use them themselves. Privately funded armies also keep watch over them, guarding their living tombs against those that wish to plunder their wealth or gain the small measure of immortality that their chambers grant.

Although they wish to escape the mortal coil, only a few wish to forever surrender their mortal power, and as such a few selected Nobles will re-animate themselves to ensure that their will and legacy continues, long after their removal from the normal population. Those that choose to do this go forth with considerable power and ability, accompanied by the life-sustaining chambers, armed and protected by weapons that only they could afford, and protected by their unwavering legions of guards.


The Lords of the High Sleepers and their Guards are normally equipped with the best protection and weapons that could be bought at the time. They are a small but elite group that often pursue their own agendas within the affairs of the Colony Fleets, often as some means to gain advantage over their rivals.

Aristocratic Rank Structure

Though the structure may at first appear to be simple, within each caste there exist countless distinctions, titles, and blood-ties that make determining exact seniority amongst the classes nearly impossible for the untrained outsider.

  • Lords Of The House
  • Lords Of The Realm
  • Lord-Knights Of The Domain
  • Lord-Knights Of The Land
  • High Lords Of The Kingdom
  • High Royal Lords Of All Kingdoms

Guard Rank Structure

  • Low Watcher
  • High Watcher
  • Superior Watcher
  • Low Sentinel
  • High Sentinel
  • Superior Sentinel
  • Forever Guard
  • Eternal Guard
  • Superior Eternal Guard

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