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Hightown is the large city in the Northern part of the San Andreas islands.

Part of the Ficticious San Andreas used for the Coterie of the Crimson Shadow LARP.

Built during the industrial revolution, Hightown is a marvel of glass and cement. Skyscrapers dominate this area, which has become the part of the area most people identify as "San Andreas." The home of affluence and wealth, Hightown has supplanted Oldtown as the central hub for the area.

While the police in Hightown would vigorously deny having a gang problem, a character with at least 1 rank in streetwise knows better.

Any building not specifically labelled can safely be assumed to be commercial or office space.

  • Mayor; Franklin Moore
  • Chief of Police; Donovan Mint
  • Other Notable individuals;

Hightown City Hall

Hightown city hall
Hightown city hall Front

A marvel of marble and concrete, the Hightown City Hall was modeled on a mix of ancient churches and royal palaces. A first-time visitor to the city hall often stops and marvels at the grandure of the place and few non-locals who see it can imagine the poverty and squalor in the other San Andreas towns.

Hightown Medical Center

Hightown Medical Center

The most high tech, up to date, and largest hospital in the tri-city area, some joke that the Medical Center has enough beds for some entire towns. Given the extra space required for various intensive care units, surgical theaters and bays it has far fewer beds than many expect.

The Medical Center is also generally hated by the administrators of the other area hospitals as it can easily double the salary of doctors elsewhere in the area, luring away the best and brightest.

San Andreas Executive Airport

San Andreas Executive Airport

Built in 1975, the SAEA serves an elite clientelle who either own their own planes or charter flights. Built to support commuter fliers travelling to San Diego, Sacramento, and other nearby airports in the southwest who were tired of dealing with the pollution or masses to use the International Airport.

Heimdall Stadium


Heimdall Stadium has been the home of the San Andreas Sharks since it was built in 1973. The Sharks are a well respected team that has enjoyed a lively rivalry with the nearby 49ers since being established. However, if the neighborly rivalry with the 49ers gets fans going, nothing ignites passions like encounters with the Rams. These offensive shootouts are often legendary.

Final gathering place of the Jarl's Court on the night of October 6, 2007. While several previous gathering places were raided by police this one was not. However, the Jarl was confronted by a number of Kindred who were more than mildly displeased with his handling of governance and his refusal to honor a Major Boon.

Hightown Corporate Park

San an corporate park street view
San an corporate park

BanCorp Tower

San BanCorp

Home of a major international banking chain, BanCorp headquarters sits in the San An Corporate park. BanCorp itself occupies only three floors in the tower. Supposedly one of those floors has been given over almost entirely to security and defenses for the BanCorp Main Vault, along with parts of both of the adjacent floors.

Corp Co Center

Corp Co Center

Corp Co; Building your future.

Corp Co is a cutting edge developer of manufacturing equipment. This building houses, feeds, pampers, and luxuriates the Corp Co executives and designers while they dream up new designs and theories to improve the productivity of the production worker or render that worker completely unnecessarry. Everyone working in the Corp Co offices at the Center will cheerfully tell you that their goal is to render the lineman on a factory floor entirely obsolete by 2025, and that they feel they are already years ahead of schedual in their designs.

Corp Co is not the only buisness in the building, having rented floors to other tenants to help defray costs, however they do occupy the bulk of the structure.

Helios Industries Complex

San Helios

This glittering building is possibly the greenest building in the city, owned by Helios industries. Helios is known worldwide for pioneering renewable technologies. A vital partner in setting up the co-generation facility, Helios lives to the motto engraved in the huge front doors of this skyscraper; Sol Invictus! The company has been battered by a public that was uninterested for decades, occasional poor leadership, and the myriad other issues even more established companies have contended with. However, the shareholders feel that the successes of the company even through these difficulties illustrate why Helios will be a leader into the 21st century and beyond.

Guardian Industries Tower

San Guardian Inc

Guardian Industries is the largest supplier of security personell and equippment in the San Andreas area. They have managed to retain most of the contracts for responsible for the aquisitions and supplies of all the local Police departments, and much of their for-higher security staff is drawn from those forces, former military, or individuals who realized they would be doing the same job at higher pay through Guardian.

Guardian existed for many years with much more modest offices, however in the mid eighties a series of statewide contracts came to the corporation that necessitated a larger central and command staff along with better security of their own premisis. Guardian decided at that time to build the Tower, and defray costs through offering tenancy for unused space.

Heimdall Corporate Headquarters

Heimdall Corp

This office tower is owned by Heimdall, a major corporation in the San Andreas area and the providers of the financing for Heimdall Stadium where the Sharks play. The San Andreas Sentinal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heimdall.

Heimdall Inc. has been a cornerstone of the economy since 1850 when it first opened its doors. Since then the company has grown and grown and become a worldwide known entity. The Michaels family were the ones who opened the company originally, and they maintian a majority share hold in the company's ownership today.

By far the tallest and most impressive building in all of San Andreas, the Heimdall Corporate Headquarters remain a huge tourist attraction and are on many post cards for tourists to take home with them.

The Legatus Building

San Legatus LLP

This office tower houses dozens of buisnesses and firms on its floors. Among those are owning company's main offices, Legatus LLC, and the 911/dispatch facilities. Legatus is a statewide firm with a portfolio including the management of political campaigns and legislative agendas.

Casa Grande

La Casa Grande

Home of many of the office workers and lower level executives around Hightown, the Casa is a condominium built in the 90's to serve the Corporate Park area by reducing commute time and improving quality of life.

San Andreas Grand Hotel

San An Grand Hotel

Built in the late 90's the Grand Hotel hosts the rich and famous who come to visit San Andreas (which is to say Hightown). With multiple floors of meeting rooms, a four star resturant, and equally notable house bar, the Grand is the choice for large conventions and meeting areas for those who know San An and can afford it.

San Andreas Speedway

Andreas Race track

Something about cars moving really fast, in circles, then running into each other and blowing up. People are into that apparently.

Hightown Country Club

Hightown Country Club

Playground of the rich and elite of San Andreas, millions of dollars in buisness deals are made each day on the 18 holes, in the underground spas, or just at the resturant and bar.

Membership is by invitation only and costs a cool chunk of cash monthly to maintain.

After the ill-fated events of October 6, 2007 including the declaration of a Blood Hunt upon Michael Law, he retired to this location inviting any who would support action against the Jarl to join them. While few individuals put in appearances Law was not subject to a confrontation, unlike the Jarl.

Arena Blanca Mega-Mall

Arena Blanca Mall

Built in the mid 90's this sprawling complex of capitalistic might is the hangout for thousands of teenagers a year and is effectively the commercial district of Hightown. Several stories tall this sprawling complex is easily one of the largest malls in North America, if not the world.

The Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed Church

He told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches." Matthew 13:31-32

The local Mega-Church, the Mustard seed, is a chapter of the growing national and international religious sensation. With six sunday services in its 2,000 seat main "chapel," and at least one 'prayer meeting' in that chapel the other six days of the week, it is the center of spirituality in San An. At least, that's what the Head Pastor, David Grey, will tell you over a hot latte moccachino from the in-church roastary. He will continue to chat with visitors, and potential converts, as they walk down the row of "giving booths" where volunteers from the church sit with souvenirs with God, Christ, the Holy Sprit, and- never forget -The Mustard Seed (TM) brandings available for a "small donation."



Mega-casino owned by Seamus O'Conell, the Daeva Priscus. His childe Margarite owned a nightclub across the street before her final death.

Seamus hosted court in some secured areas at this location on August 11, 2007. That night several poor individuals struck jackpots and a DEA bust occurred removing a large amount of cocaine.

Despite Seamus' torpor, court was again held at this location on October 6, 2007 at the invitation of the new Daeva Priscus. Court had to be relocated to a club owned by Carter Weiss after police arrived.

Challenge Arena

San An Challenge Arena

The location in which challenges formally condoned by the Jarl and overseen by the Master of Challenge are held.

The District

San An District front
San An District

A stylish and upscale area filled with nightclubs like The Eye of the Storm, the Vault, Sin, and Blue along with the Hard Rock Cafe and dozens of high end restaurants. The district is where the most happening and hippest people want to find themselves on any given night.

Club Thrice Born (formerly Hard Rock Cafe)

Hard Rock San An

Show me your O - din face.'

A gay club called Club Thrice Born is scheduled to open on Thanksgiving. It's run by a company called Blue Oyster Inc. that bought out the Hard Rock Cafe in October of 2007. It is a viking-themed gay club. The San Andreas Hard Rock Cafe was often used by the Jarl as a place to meet San Andreas kindred. When he was absent during the scheduled gathering for September 22 he announced that kindred should meet at this location.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm (club)

A local club in San Andreas, Christian Michaels rented it out the night of September 22, guaranteeing a place free from mortals and consequently becoming the location where most of the Kindred in the city gathered.

The Invictus House

Invictus House
Invictus House Front

The so-called Invictus House sits on a good sized plot of land just west of Hightown. It gained the appalation because a previous owner had the words of the William Ernest Henley poem "Invictus" worked into the front door. Built in the midle of the 19th century by a wealthy buisnessman it has been home to a series of such individuals throughout its lifetime. During its heyday rumors would often spread of secret socities of the rich and elite meeting within its walls, though these have generally faded in the last half-century.

Once, the Invictus house was a point of the covenant's pride in the city. Lavish parties were held and secret covenant meetings adjourned to determine points of policy. With the decline of the Invictus, however, the house itself has fallen into disuse. The house and grounds remain "Invictus" domain, though much of the work once invested in that domain have fallen away.

While the house was undeniably Invictus domain by explicit and painstaking decree of the Prince, the Jarl has merely held off on revoking that domain. Some suspect that the Invictus still occasionally use the facility for meetings, and a visitor or hard pressed member might be able to find a cranny in which to hide from the sun. However, largely, it serves as a reminder of the heights from which the Invictus have fallen in San Andreas.

The Michaels Estate

Michaels Estate

Quite possibly the most glamorous home in all of San Andreas, on the beach and right off the ocean is the Michaels Estate. This is the home of Christian Michaels VIII, the most recent heir to the Michaels fortune.

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