[01] Advertising [02] Ban Durations [03] Botting [04] Bug Abusing [05] Hacking [06] Harassment [07] Kill Stealing [08] Looting [09] Mob Training [10] Multiclienting [11] Scamming [12] Spamming [13] Staff Impersonating [14] Street Chats and Shops [15] War of Emperium

NOTE: These rules apply to both the Highwind RO and the Highwind L2 servers.

[01] Advertising - Do not advertise other servers on HWG! This includes telling about other servers to get others to join, what another server has, bad mouthing this server to get others to join another, etc. It simply means don't talk about another server to get others to leave for another.

[02] Ban Durations: Depending on the offense, bans can be any length of durations. The punishment durations are as follows:

1st offense: a warning verbally and pm 2nd offense: 1 day ban with reason in pm 3rd offense: 1 week ban with reason in pm 4th offense: 3 strikes and you're out! Account deletion!

Please follow the rules to ensure that we don't have to carry out these punishments. The 3-Strikes Rule will be carried out and applied. Thank you.

[03] Botting: This will not be tolerated whatsoever! If anyone including players or any one on the GM/admin staff catches a bot, their accounts will be wiped and deleted permanently and not allowed back into the server. This ruins the fun and interrupts other players chances to do well. If you bot, expect a deletion.

[04] Bug Abusing: This will also not be tolerated whatsoever! If there is a bug that has been found and it is NOT reported to staff, the person or people that knew about this bug will be punished. 1st offense will warrent in a warning verbally and/or in pms WITH character reset. 2nd offense will merit an account removal from the server permanently. No Ifs, Ands or Buts.

[05] Hacking: This is completely unacceptable!!! If anyone hacks the server, the account will be deleted and banned forever! No excuses! (Note: ask if persits: The ip will be blocked and if it persists, we will block the entire area/region.)

[06] Harassment: This can take many meanings, but none may be tolerated. This includes verbal, physical, chat signs, pms and anything else that can ruin a player's mood and cause them to be unhappy. Note that PVP and WoE do not factor into this. If you enter PvP and WoE, expect a fight unless you warn others before hand that you're doing something else. Harassment can also be saying rude things or swearing about a person, either in pm, regular chat or even in chat boxes and will not be tolerated. Punishment follows the Ban Duration. (See Above)

[07] Kill Stealing: Also known as ks'ing, this is highly unacceptable and rudeness toward another player by killing the monster that someone has already taken a long time to try and kill. MVPs are an exception to this rule! MVPs are ffa, meaning: Free-for-all. This means ANY one can attack an MVP regardless of whether or not someone else was attacking it. Mini-bosses are now on the Kill Stealing list! Do NOT attempt to kill, for example, a Ghostring that someone has been hunting and taken much time and effort to take him down. Use your common sense! Punishment for kill stealing follows the Ban Duration list. (See above)

[08] Looting: This is not acceptable and is entirely rude to take items from a player that has been trying to see if a particular item will drop from a certain monster. Note that yes, the @autoloot command is in effect so that players may not have to suffer from looters. However it is understood that some players do not want everything that autoloot has to offer and thus lets items drop to the ground after killing a monster. It is polite to ask that person if it is okay to take what has dropped if one needs those items. Otherwise just use your common sense when looking at looting. Punishment for looting follows the Ban Duration list (See above)

[09] Mob Training: Often times, players like to mob a specific enemy if they have an AoE (area of effect) spell or skill to level faster. Mobbing means the gathering up of certain enemies, aggressive or non-aggressive to level your character. This is acceptable and an efficient way to level, HOWEVER, it is NOT okay to dump a mob on someone else just because you can't handle them. If someone needs help with a mob, or vice-versa, doesn't need help, it is considered polite to ask for help or say that you don't need help. If something happens and it is out of control, a simple apology works wonders. With an apology things should be talked out and back under control. Punishment for dumping mobs on others consistantly with no apology or remorse WILL follow the Ban Duration list (See above)

[10] Multiclienting: This is not at all acceptable. A person may not have more than TWO clients open at any given time. @Autotrade is exempt from this rule seeing as someone has set up shop and would like to continue training. Autotrade is perfectly acceptable since it still fits under the ONLY 2 clients open. If someone would like to exchange items with another account of his or hers, that is also completely okay. It still fits the ONLY 2 clients open rule. If more than one client is open for any reason, punishment will follow the Ban Duration list (See above)

[11] Scamming: This means anything that is illegal that transpires involving a trade, money or other means of currency with one or more parties not holding up to their end of the bargain. If someone asks to see your, for example, donation wings and then runs off with it, essentially, that is a scam and won't be tolerated. Anything also involving the ripping off of someone with a price that is totally unreasonable to the current econ of the server is also considered a scam. Vending at unreasonable prices also fall into this category though we're quite sure everyone has their definition of too high, just right and too low. The punishments of this follows the Ban Duration list (see above)

[12] Spamming: This means the reoccurance of saying the same thing over and over again more than FOUR (4) times. Continuous shorts bursts of saying even three (3) lines of the same thing is also considered spamming and won't be tolerated. As such, punishment of this follows the Ban Duration list (see above)

[13] Staff Impersonating: This is ultimately NOT tolerable!!! Even if the person says "Oh, I didn't know", that is still not a legitimate excuse. Anyone that has a "GM" or "Admin" in their name that is NOT a real legitimate staff memember, will be automatically ip banned and banned from the server entirely. REMEMBER: THE GM/ADMIN STAFF WILL NEVER, NEVER ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT NAME OR PASSWORD!!!!!

[14] Street Chats and Shops: This is something that is quite annoying to deal with most of the time. The reason we have people stand off to the side to leave away messages is so that it is not blocking the middle of the square where people regularly visit or spawn. Hence also, shops cannot be in town as well as this is a rule that is well-established in many servers not just our own. There will be a designated place (will be announced) for vendors to vend their items and not block npcs or disturb anyone. Punishment for unwanted/illegal street follows the Ban Duration list (see above). Punishment for unwanted/illegally placed shops/vending will be warned with a kick and a mail asking for the person to relocate their shop so it does not break any rules. Failure to comply will result in the Ban Duration list (see above)

[15] War of Emperium: This is a free-for-all pvp, gvg, taking castles for fun and beneficial items from the treasures. This will occur on a weekly basis (that will be established and announced) so people can have some variety in their daily training or item gathering faire. All the rules above apply to this event as well. There IS however another rule applied to this event. Sages and Professors under any circumstances, MAY ABSOLUTELY NOT use their Abracadabra/Hocus Pocus skill to tame an Emperium as a pet. That is illegal and shows the keeping of that one castle so no one else may try to take it. It ruins everyone's fun and makes the staff irritated. ANYONE caught with an Emperium pet that DID NOT donate for one will be under suspicion from the staff. (Note: Punishment will range from heavy ban to permanent removal of the account.)

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