Hikari is a females squirrel-element water from kingdom and a antagonist her say not likes you Ricky and Ricky say her likes you Ricky in Ricky Heartbroken. Ricky back fall in love with Hikari as love-interest and her kiss to Ricky as engagement make as LenniexJenny and DianaxBolts and say Hikari with Ricky say "goodbye Rick" in Ricky i love to Hikari. Ricky say Hikari as boyfriends kingdom moon kiss night and Ricky say his ex girlfriends Maddy say that Hikari fall in love with Ricky and but Ricky break up Maddy not likes you because Ricky love with Hikari and her kiss to Ricky and end episode when Maddy gets jealous by Ricky dating with Hikari is good. In King and Queen that Ricky say Hikari as love-interest become his girlfriends enter relationship and her kiss Ricky as love-life and but Maddy likes you Maddy´s new boyfriends and end but in Ricky back Maddy that Ricky break up with Hikari as Ricky back fall in love with Maddy and Hikari have new boyfriends Maddy´s new boyfriends as episode thing.  

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