Hikari Ino had a hard life her father left on some mission when she was a year old, then her mother was murdered in front of her at the age of two. Soon Hikari became the leader of the balances. Hikari was alowed to live in the balance Hq but also with Youri and Danielle Megumi who were friends with her parents. Hikari struggled to become a good leader sometimes she could barely be a child with all the work she had. She wasn't treated with much respect though many kids would tease because they thought she was better then them, while the older looked at with disguist because of the light and dark balance withen her. Yet Hikari gained friends like Anemine megumi her best friend and Youri and Danielles' youngest daughter, Ucha Nekome who Hikari saw asan older sister, Ruka Tenturanoiske Hikari's younger cousin, Akita Nekome Ucha's little sister and a balance in training, and Kenji Minamoto Anemine's boyfriend. Hikari gained friends in different worlds as well like Edward and Alphonse Elric in FMA, Naruto Uzumaki mostly because they understood how it felt to be hated and strive to gain respect, and Aang the avatar mostly because they had been force to become something they were not ready for. Hikari is also good friends with Kurama and Hiei from YYH. As well as Daisuke Niwa from D.N.Angel, seeing as Dark is the balances of Dreams and older brother to Youri Megumi. Hikari is in a relationship with a digimon called DarkMagicianmon who she refers to as sempai. Hikari truely loves as much as he loves her D.M as he is called by his friend had just as hard life as she did but was able escape from the darkness D.M live in a special world know as the Author world and the portals location is hidden and know only know but Hikari and her closest friends. Hikari has many abilities like the use of alchemy with out a transmutation circle, air bending and water bending, she has the ability to heal others as well as herself,she has the power of the silver phoenix that originated from her father’s side, can fly with one white wing and one black wing her voice is also her most powerful weapon against forces of darkness, she is very strong as well thank to her natural balance strengh, her training with Tsunade, and her phoenix strengh. hikari also has a power known as Light and Dark bending. It was also Reveled that Hikari had an older brother named Eyes the two are close and share similar traits. Hikari is also skilled at the piano but she isn't as good as her brother or father. Hikari is also great at the flute and the violin. Hikari is also deathly afraid of snakes, she will start acting like a fox if she is around them, though if she trys to surpress it she will begin to act like a child, if the fear gets full blown she will change into her fox self, and to change back she has to kiss someone. From what Lucifer has said Hikari is too caring for her own good and that is her biggest weakness saying unless she can put that aside she would always be as he calls her "a rabbit in fox clothing." Hikari now has the power of Kamen Rider Kivala.


Hikari feels close to the other authors and sees them as her second family and normal puts -san after their names (Like TL-san Airnaruto-san, HQ-san). She sees TLSoulDude as a little brother since she understands the pain of losing parents the two somethimes even chat when Hikari wakes up around their time. Hikari also has a good relationship with Hurricane's Quill sometimes even calling him Onii-sama. D.M is the only one Kari calles Sempai and somethimes adds -kun after. Hikari is also good friends with three pokemorphs Andy the Darkrai seeing as they are both leaders, Justin the Dialgia not only did justin save Hikari from Lucifer but Justin is also good friends with her father. Hikari also has a sibling relationship with Hinaten seeing as they both know how it feels to be separated from their parents. There are also people Hikari has alot of respect for as teachers. Her first teacher Tsunade; Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, who also taught Kaito's about his phoenix skills, as well as the half-demon Inuyasha.

She is involved romantically with DarkMagicianmon. As of With This Ring, they are both married and have children at some point.



"Do I even want to know" (talking to Ruka after a prank)

“You’re right. You’re NOT TLSoulDude. He’s a better person than you’ll ever be.” (To FTL)

"Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the princess of Mpreg" (When introducing Anemine)




"I TOLD YOU A FIST IN HER FACE" (When fightig a battle with Bella)

"Will you shut up jeeze your acting like child" (talking to Hiei)

"Let me make this clear I didn't go to bed till 5 am so I suggest you let me sleep" (When woken up and not all of her hours)

"Auu?" (normally when going fox or sometimes depressed)

"TL-san are you always this lazy?" (Talking to TL)

"You never know someone may look innocent but an innocent face can hide a deadly foe" (personal quote)

“Sylar, you have been helpful, but from what you said, you’re a coward.” (talking to Sylar)

"Even if I took revenage what would it prove it won't bring the ones I care about back" (talking to Sasuke)

"Nee-sama be nice" (talking to Infinity)

"My full name is Hikari Reyelle Rutherford Ino the Balance of Hope and Cressilia Pokemorph"

"its because me and Onii-sama understand each other" (talking about HQ)

"Being an avenger is nothing but pure self-destruction. When one becomes an avenger, they lose their identity and purpose only in order to kill one person but what they fail is that in trying to kill this one person, they end up destroying everyone around them and after you do kill that person, all you are left with is emptiness and loneliness. In the end, avengers lose more than they gain, including their goals, dreams, and even their friends, and lovers."  (again talking to Sasuke)


Ino wasn't the only spirit to take refuge inside of Hikari. When Hikari was 7 she had been exploring the YYH world to find an old cabin. When she walked inside she for an old nursery to find a brooch inside was the spirit of what seemed to be a female Zero. Hikari and spirit whose name was Infinity started to enjoy each others company. infinty disgusted by how hikari was treated became Hikari's second personality,normally comforting her. soon when Hikari turned 10 Infinity decided that Hikari should carry on her legacy as a bounty hunter. Infinity gave Hikari control over her geass allowing her the power of absolute obedience, Hikari then gain Kurama and Hiei on her team the three becoming not only partners but friends. Infinity though had been influencing Hikari so much that she started to enjoy the thrill of killing calling it a away to pruify the world. Though during one job Hikari couldn't kill someone out of the fact she knew the person. Making infinity mad she tried to take over Hikari's body but thanks to Kurama and Hiei the two help Hikari seal Infinity back into the brooch and Hikari locked the brooch up promising she would never unseal Infinity ant the same time the bounty hunting trio broke. Years later after being captured by Lucifer Hikari relized that she needed Infinty not only as a partner but as someone to proteced her. The only ones who know Infinty is inside Hikari are Hiei, Kurama, D.M, X, Hikari's team the Hunting Lights,and Ross. Infinity from time to time stroke Hikari's hair or even caress her saying the reason is that she wants Hikari to know someone loves her. Voiced by: Wendy Powell (Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist)

Celestial Balance

Hikari's new form when she uses the Seven Life Aura's, in this form she was now in a sliver dress, her silver hair now tied into a long braid, her eyes glowing icy blue, she was wearing a necklace with Seven Jewels the same color as the Life Auras, and her wings are out she also now has three sets two white, two black, and two silver wings, she also is granted the power from the Lunar Pokemon Cressilia!

Pokemorph Heritage

During her Childhood, Hikari was poisoned by Defilers, no matter what Reki and the Balance Healers could do the poison would not disappear, until Justin appears and told Kaito and Jinmay about the Lunar Pokemon Cressilia who could hlp Hikari, after Justin and Kaito managed to convince Cressilia to help, she said the only way to save Hikari was for her to bond with the Balance Princess, however she sealed herself and her powers away inside Hikari, the only ones who knew where Justin, Kaito, Jinmay, Reki and Arceus. During the Balance Rescue 2 Arc, Hikari was exposed to the energy of the Seven Life Aura's causing Cressilia to be unsealed unlocking her Pokemorph powers.

Balance Cresselia

This is Hikari's Pokemorph Form, in this she wears a dress coloured like the Northern Lights, with Cresent Moon like rings around her arms which she can throw like discs. She also can summon a special staff with a Cresent Moon on it. In this form she can enter dreams and can help heal people from either Physical Injuries or Mental ones.


Hikari can transform into three animals the first two are her family animals a fox and a phoenix, her thrid is her zodiac animal.


Hikari's fox self is her basic animal form which came from her mother side of the family. She becomes a white fox with 5 tails and silver wings. She can change into this willing or forcefully normally when there is a snake she will change.


Hikari' phoenix self is second animal form coming from her father. Hikari changes into a sliver phoenix,which can be mistaken as a full body patronus

Zodiac animal

Hikari's final animal form is a rat which is also her zodiac self. she is silver and has full icy blue eyes.The way hikari changes into this form is that she has to either be weak or accidently embraced by a member of the oppisite sex.

Kamen Rider Kivala

Hikari's Kamen Rider form when she is partnered with the Silver Female bat Kivala, she looks like a Female Kiva but more Silverish and blue in colour.

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