Hiro as BoCo.

Hank as Rusty.

Butch as Dennis.

Murdoch as Diesel 10.

Thumper as Diesel.

Rusty as Derek.

Duck as Salty.

Toby as Paxton.

Bill as Splatter.

Ben as Dodge.

Neville as Sidney.

Donald as Arry.

Douglas as Bert.

Belle as Mavis.

Elizabeth as Daisy.

Diesel as D261.

Gordon as Norman.

Mighty as Den.

Mac as Dart.

Kevin as Bear/D7101.

Spencer as Spamcan/D199.

Bulstrode as Old Stuck-Up [from RWS].

Scruff as 31120 [from RWS].

Whiff as 10751 [from RWS].

Stanley as The Works Diesel [from RWS].

Henrietta as Pip [from RWS].

Emily as Emma [from RWS] [Emily and Emma are both begin E].

Bulgy as Fred [from RWS].

Bash and Dash as Blister I and Blister II [from RWS].

Terence as Frank [from RWS].

Rosie as Sigrid of Arlesdale [from RWS].

Fergus as The Diesel Shunter [from RWS].

Stanley/No. 2 [from RWS] as The Passing Diesel [from RWS].

The Troublesome Trucks as Other Railway Diesels [from RWS].

Hector as The Other Diesels.

Freight Cars as The Evil Diesels.

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