Wydarzenia retrospekrywne

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Placówka Basilisk

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Honor królowej

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Krótka zwycięska wojenka

  • ok. 1904 P.D. Jedna z przedwojennych prowokacji Marynarki Ludowej. Konwój Mike Golf 19 zostaje zniszczony w niejasnych okolicznościach przy podejściu do systemu Yeltsin.
  • ok. 1904 P.D. Jedna z przedwojennych prowokacji Marynarki Ludowej. Ciężki krążownik HMS Star Knight zniszczony w walce przez dwa dywizjony krążowników Marynarki Ludowej w systemie Poicters. W walce ciężko zostają uszkodzone okręty agresora: Barbarosa i Sinjar.
  • c1904 P.D. In one of the pre-war PN provocations which backfires, Rear Admiral Edward Pierre loses two divisions of PN battlecruisers to the RMN dreadnought HMS Bellerophon in the Talbot System.
  • c1904 P.D. In one of the pre-war PN provocations, Captain Helen Zilwicki is forced to take her outgunned escort force in against a superior PN raiding force, losing all five light escorts under her command while destroying three PN heavy cruisers and heavily damaging a fourth, saving all non-combatant units of the convoy under her protection.
  • cFebruary 1905 P.D. In one of the pre-war PN provocations, Rear Admiral Harry Styles is captured after losing the entire Yalta System picket squadron.
  • March 1905 P.D. Following a series of carefully orchestrated, escalating provocations along the entire frontier of Manticoran Alliance space, open warfare begins between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People's Republic of Haven.
  • March 5, 1905 P.D. The First Battle of Hancock Station where Task Group Hancock 001, composed of battlecruisers and their escorts, under the command of Admiral Mark Sarnow, delays and heavily damages its persuers, composed of PN dreadnoughts and their heavy escorts, forcing their surrender to the relieving units of the Eighteenth Battle Squadron under Admiral Danislav.
  • March 1905 P.D. The First Battle of Seaford Nine where units under the command of Admiral Yancy Parks, after being unable to intercept Admiral Yuri Rollins' retreating PN forces at Hancock Station, move in on and crush Rollins' forces, seizing the Seaford Nine System.
  • March 1905 P.D. The Second Battle of Hancock Station where Admiral Coatsworth, expecting to find PN units in possession of the Hancock System, is met by units of Admiral Parks' task group fresh from their seizure of the Seaford Nine System.
  • March 1905 P.D. The Third Battle of Yeltsin where Admiral Amos Parnell, expecting a fifty-percent advantage in ships-of-the-wall, loses half of his force when ambushed by a numerically superior force of Alliance units, under the command of Admiral White Haven, in the Yeltsin System.

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Kwestia honoru

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Honor na wygnaniu

  • cJuly 1907 P.D. As part of Operation Stalking Horse, Citizen Vice Admiral Esther McQueen attacks and siezes the Candor system.
  • cJuly 1907 P.D. As part of Operation Stalking Horse, Citizen Vice Admiral Diego Abbot attacks and siezes the Minette system.
  • August 17, 1907 P.D. Steadholder Honor Harrington, as Protector's Champion, faces Steadholder Burdette, one of Grayson's top ranked swordmasters, in personal trial-by-combat on the floor of the Conclave of Steadholders as Burdette challenges the Protector's decree of treason for his part in the deaths of almost two hundred people in his efforts to discredit the Mayhew Restoration and kill Honor.
  • August 18, 1907 P.D. The Fourth Battle of Yeltsin where the six superdreadnoughts of the Grayson Space Navy's First Battle Squadron, under the command of Admiral Honor Harrington, annihilate the three squadrons of PN battleships and escorts of Citizen Vice Admiral Alexander Thurston's Operation Dagger.

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Honor wśród wrogów

  • cOctober 1908 P.D. Honor Harrington returns to active duty in the RMN as captain of HMAMC Wayfarer, flag for a four-ship task group of heavily-armed Q-ship convoy escorts in a piracy-suppression role.
  • 1909 P.D. The Bolthole ship yard and research complex is created deep in the People's Republic of Haven.
  • February 8, 1910 P.D. The First Battle of Marsh where the Manticoran Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Wayfarer destroys four heavy cruisers of outlaw Andre Warneke's pirate force in a single massive missile salvo then follows though to liberate the planet Sidemore.
  • March 10, 1910 P.D. The Battle in the Selker Rift where the Manticoran Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Wayfarer is lost destroying two PN battlecruisers while drawing the PN forces away from RMMS Artemis.

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści W rękach wroga

  • 1911 P.D. Honor Harrington is elevated to commodore in the Royal Manticoran Navy.
  • cFebruary 1911 P.D. The First Battle of Seabring where Thomas Thiesman, commanding, drives off a Manticoran assault of dreadnoughts by throwing battleships and battlecruisers against them, destroying one RMN dreadnought and crippling as many as six others seriously enough to convince the RMN admiral to withdraw, at the cost of seven PN battleships and eleven PN battlecruisers lost outright with three more battleships damaged seriously enough to be scrapped.
  • cMay 1911 P.D. Esther McQueen transferred out as System Commander of Trevor's Star just prior to it's fall to the RMN's Sixth Fleet.
  • cJuly 1911 P.D. LaBoeuf's Conspiracy of Equals, the Levelers, a breakaway faction of the Citizen's Rights Party, strikes against the Committee of Public Safety in Nouveau Paris killing millions with the use of low-yield nuclear weapons within the city.
  • cJuly 1911 P.D. Citizen Admiral Esther McQueen reacts to the Leveler Uprising, leading the only major People's Navy force to take action during the uprising, killing millions in her haste to crush the uprising by using kinetic interdiction strikes within Nouveau Paris and the widespread use of anti-personnel cluster munitions against the ravening mobs.
  • October 1911 P.D. The Battle of Adler, where forces under the command of Admiral Lester Tourville destroy Commodore Frances Yeargin's entire system picket (save three detached destroyers) in Samovar orbit without their firing a single return shot.
  • October 23, 1911 P.D. Commodore Honor Harrington is captured aboard HMS Prince Adrian in the Adler system after Prince Adrian sustains critical damage while spoiling the PN ambush of the seventeen fast freighters and their escorts under her care.
  • cNovember 1911 P.D. PNS Schaumberg, a single, unescorted battleship, under the command of Citizen Captain Joanne Hall ambushes an RMN raiding force of three battlecruisers and two destroyers, destroying two of the RMN BCs and heavily damaging the third while sustaining only moderate damage in return.

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Honor ponad wszystko

  • cNovember 1911 P.D. Honor Harrington is personally sentenced by Cordelia Ransom to execution at Camp Charon on Hades while on Enki, in the Barnett System.
  • cDecember 1911 P.D. The surviving officers and senior enlisted from HMS Prince Adrian rescue Honor Harrington and escape undetected to the planet Hades after destroying Cordelia Ransom's transport, the State Security battlecruiser PNS Tepes.
  • January 24, 1912 P.D. Execution of Honor Harrington by hanging is publicly reported by Second Deputy Director of Public Information Leonard Boardman.
  • cSeptember 1912 P.D. Cordelia Ransom reportedly killed during an inspection tour near the front.
  • cOctober 1912 P.D. The Styx Raid on Hades in the Cerberus System, under the command of Commodore Honor Harrington, succeeds in overrunning the prison garrison of Camp Charon, seizing control of Hades from State Security forces.
  • cFebruary 17, 1913 P.D.11 GNS Honor Harrington is launched, christend by Honor's mother Allison Harrington.
  • cMay 1913 P.D. Operation Icarus - The Third Battle of Hancock Station, The First Battle of Zanzibar, The First Battle of Alizon, The Second Battle of Seaford Nine, The First Battle of Basilisk and The Battle of the Basilisk Terminus.
  • cJuly 1913 P.D. PNS Krashnark, under the command of Citizen Captain Pangborn, is captured in Hades orbit by the Allied forces at Camp Charon, under the command of Admiral Honor Harrington.
  • October 9, 1913 P.D. First Cerberus where the Elysian Space Navy captures more and heavier combat units from State Security Citizen Major General Prestwick Thornegrave as well as enough long-haul troop transport to evacuate more than 60% of the prisoners on Hades.
  • cOctober 12, 1913 P.D. A single light cruiser, ENS Sabine, under the command of Captain Cynthia Gonsalves, escorts five Longstop-class troop transports out of Hades orbit with two hundred eighty thousand escaped prisoners bound for Trevor's Star.
  • October 23, 1913 P.D. Second Cerberus (a.k.a. The Massacre of Cerberus) where the Elysian Space Navy annihilates a task force under the overall command of State Security Citizen General Seth Chernock arriving to relieve the Hades garrison, capturing enough long-haul troop transport to evacuate all remaining escapees from Hades.
  • cDecember 1913 P.D. Admiral Honor Harrington arrives in the Travor's Star system aboard her captured State Security warships with the first wave of more than three hundred fifty thousand escaped prisoners from Camp Charon, Hades.

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Popioły zwycięstwa

  • December 27, 1913 P.D. Honor Harrington arrives in Austin City, Grayson, after arriving in the Yeltsin System aboard the GNS Honor Harrington.
  • February 1914 P.D. Honor Harrington returns to the Star Kingdom of Manticore aboard the heavy cruiser HMS Edward Saganami.
  • December 25, 1914 P.D. Manticoran Alliance Eighth Fleet, under the command of Earl White Haven, attacks the primary forward Republican naval base at Enki in the Barnett System.
  • December 18, 1914 P.D. Esther McQueen is forced by misinterpretted events to prematurely launch her ultimately-failing coup attempt against the Committee of Public Safety.
  • December 18, 1914 P.D. After its seizure by forces loyal to Citizen Secretary of War Esther McQueen, and proving itself as too hard a target, Oscar Saint-Just orders the destruction of the Octagon - the military heart of the People's Republic and located within Nuveau Paris - by the detonation of a concealed low-yield nuclear device, instantly killing McQueen, her People's Commissioner, State Security Brigadier Erasmus Fontein, and all surviving members of the Committee of Public Safety except for Saint-Just himself.
  • 1915 P.D. The Battle of MacGregor.
  • January 4, 1915 P.D. Thomas Theisman arrives in the Haven System.
  • cJanuary 25, 1915 P.D. The Battle of Hyacinth, where Captain Aivars Terekhov's convoy escort, expecting to find the system in friendly hands, is ambushed by a superior PN task force, destroying his division of CLs and four of the six freighters under his care.
  • cFebruary 1915 P.D. Allen Summervale, Duke of Cromarty, Prime Minister of Manticore, is killed in the Yeltsin System during a state visit as part of a failed attempt to assassinate Protector Benjamin IX of Grayson and Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore.
  • March 5, 1915 P.D. On the eve of Eighth Fleet's strike against the Lovat System, Oscar Saint-Just transmits a truce offer to Manticore's Eighth Fleet in the Tequila System.
  • March 31, 1915 P.D. (4017 Anno Domini) Notification arrives at Haven that the Star Kingdom of Manticore, under the newly-formed High Ridge government, unilaterally accepts the Havenite truce offer for all Alliance members.
  • May 10, 1915 P.D. Thomas Theisman, correctly anticipating a new round of PN officer purges at the hand of State Security, overthrows the Committee of Public Safety and executes its chairman and sole remaining member, Oscar Saint-Just.
  • cDecember 1, 1916 P.D. Eloise Pritchart, after organizing the post-Committee civilian transition government and resurrecting the old pre-Legislaturalist Constitution, becomes the first elected president of the Republic of Haven in almost two centuries.
  • June 25, 1918 P.D. Abigail Hearns, Grayson's first native-born female naval officer graduates from Saganami Island before her middy cruise aboard HMS Gauntlet.
  • cAugust 2, 1918 P.D. The Battle of Refuge, where HMS Gauntlet, an Edward Saganami-class heavy cruiser commanded by Captain Michael Oversteegen, is ambushed by and then destroys four Solarian-built Gladiator-class heavy cruisers being operated by agents of Mesa's Manpower Unlimited in the Tiberian system.
  • December 1918 P.D. The heavy cruiser HMS Gauntlet returns to Manticore after suffering severe damage during the ambush in the Tiberian System.
  • December 1918 P.D. Abigail Hearns is awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for her actions in Tiberian and is sworn in by Steadholder Harrington as Grayson's first native-born female naval officer.
  • May 12, 1919 P.D. The heavy cruiser HMS Gauntlet completes repairs to damages suffered in the Battle of Refuge and reenters RMN service..

Zdarzenia opisane w powieści Wojna Honor

  • July 27, 1919 P.D. Honor Harrington deploys to Sidemore Station, just outside Silesian territory.
  • August 20, 1919 P.D. The Mesan slave world Verdant Vista, in the Congo System, is liberated to become the Kingdom of Torch.
  • cNovember 10, 1919 P.D. Operation Thunderbolt launches: The Second Havenite War begins. The resumption of hostilities initiated by the Republic of Haven against the Manticoran Alliance. Operations result in the retaking of all major Manticoran-occupied Republican systems other than Trevor's Star. Operations also include the spectacular failure to destroy the Manticoran forces on Sidemore Station in the Marsh system.
  • cJanuary 1920 P.D. The Second Battle of Marsh where the Royal Manticoran Navy and its ally the Grayson Space Navy defeat a Republic of Haven Navy task force sent to destroy the Allied units on Sidemore Station as part of Operation Thunderbolt.
  • February 1, 1920 P.D. Honor Harrington returns to Manticore as the sole victorious RMN commander of forces targeted by Operation Thunderbolt, following her crushing victory against the Republican forces launched against her command on Sidemore Station.
  • June 12, 1920 P.D. Aivars Terekhov assigned command of the Saganami-C-class heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma.
  • July 1, 1920 P.D. Republican LACs raid the Alizon system in a deep probe against Alliance rear-area systems.
  • July 5, 1920 P.D. Howard Clickscale is buried in Protector's Cathedral on Grayson after dying of natural causes at age 92.
  • July 19, 1920 P.D. HMS Hexapuma leaves Manticore for duty in Lynx and the Talbott Cluster.
  • August 25, 1920 P.D. HMS Hexapuma captures the former State Security heavy cruiser Anhur and liberates the captured Solarian freighter Emerald Dawn in the Battle of Nuncio.
  • October 9, 1920 P.D. In exchange for promises of direct access to captured Manticoran military technology, Technodyne Industries of Yildun provides the Union of Monica with fourteen Solarian-built Indefatigable-class battlecruisers at the behest of Manpower of Mesa.
  • November 20, 1920 P.D. The Jessyk Combine armed freighter Marianne departs Split for Montana after leaving two loads of advanced weapons for Agnes Nordbrandt's FAK terrorists.
  • December 20, 1920 P.D. The Jessyk Combine armed freighter Marianne arrives in Montana and is identified as running a false transponder. The ship is captured intact after it fires on and destroys an RMN boarding pinnace.
  • December 24, 1920 P.D. After examining the captured Jessyk Combine armed freighter Marianne's records and discovering the true scope of the conspiracy directed against the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Aivars Terekhov sends dispatches rallying RMN reinforcing units from Tillerman, Talbott and Dresden at Montana.
  • December 25, 1920 P.D. Aivars Terekhov, with the aid of the Montanan authorities, commandeers the Kalokainos Shipping-owned, Solarian-registered freighter Copenhagen to scout the Monica system.
  • December 28, 1920 P.D. The Monica system deploys Technodyne-built missile pods for shipyard and system defense.
  • January 11, 1921 P.D. The Talbott Constitutional Convention on Spindle passes a draft constitution for the Talbott Cluster preperatory to annexation into the Star Kingdom of Manticore.
  • February 4, 1921 P.D. The first of the Monican Indefatigable-class battlecruisers recomissions after undergoing moderate refitting to disguise the ships' previous ownership.
  • February 11, 1921 P.D. Responding to dispatches from Captain Terekhov, elements of the Manticoran Home Fleet depart for the Monica system to reinforce Terekhov's ad-hoc squadron.
  • February 16, 1921 P.D. The Battle of Monica, where Captain Aivars Terekhov leads a ten-ship ad-hoc squadron against the Monica system. After demanding a stand-down, the RMN units come under missile pod fire, in reply, the RMN units destroy nine battlecruisers in their refit slips at Monica's primary naval construction node at Eroica Station and three more newly-recommissioned Indefatigable-class battlecruisers that maneuvered to counter-attack his ships.
  • February 23, 1921 P.D. Reinforcements, under the command of Admiral Khumalo, arrive in the Monica system, relieving the heavily damaged HMS Hexapuma and its few remaining consorts after its week-long stand-off with the remaining Monica system defenders.
  • June 2, 1921 P.D. With initial field repairs complete, HMS Hexapuma departs the Monica system for Manticore in company with HMS Warlock.
  • July 18, 1921 P.D. HMS Hexapuma and HMS Warlock arrive at the Lynx Terminus to return to Manticore.

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