History Workshop Overview


I have been teaching for nine years.I have written curriculum for eighth grade, including a new honors program. Two years ago I became the Social Studies department coordinator for Unami Middle School.I want to take our department and what we do for our students to a new level. I believe in establishing a student centered school and I want to provide as many opportunities for our students as we can.


My goal is to encourage and support middle school students during the research process. My honors students are required to complete one large research project.The process will begin in October and end in February. I have modeled the project after the National History Day experience.Students are given a general theme and then they take it wherever they want. It is open ended.The finished project may be a paper, museum display, theatrical presentation, or a documentary. After they present their project in class, they can choose to take it to competition.This is not a requirement, and those that choose to go to competition have to do additional work. I do this because I want the focus to be on the process and not the outcome (competition or grade).


· Middles school students will come to Moravian on Two Saturdays, Nov. 11 and Feb. 10

· First Saturday they would get an orientation by the library staff and then meet with college mentors, 1 per 3 Unami students

· They would help them research

· Second Saturday the Unami students would present a rough copy of their project. Evaluate the use of primary source, focus, clarity, and overall flow.Then offer suggestions for improvement, other areas for research, and suggestions to help flow or clarity.

· The students will also eat in the hub and get a tour of the college


Unami Students

1. Exposure to college life and resources and they can compare to a large University like Penn State

2. Interact with adults who have followed the path they are starting to explore

3. Another perspective other than their parents or teacher

4. Improve their research skills

Moravian Students

1. An opportunity to work with students in a small group setting

2. An opportunity to share your passion for history and the Social Sciences

3. Experience that can be included on a resume either on education experience or volunteer

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