The History

Comic War I

Many years ago, there was a central segment of the comic land named BZ-Koro. In a tower, Tohu tower, lived a great spirit: Hapori Tohu. One of the inhabitants, Bormatu, rebelled against him and created an army of ninjas. They were thwarted for a short while, however, by the three Toa of the island: Bob (Dark709 character), Mustard guy (AKA Matrak) and Kazu. But Bormatu had not lost. He had a personal assault on Hapori Tohu and left his (Supposedly) dead body in the room. He then blamed it all on a just-regaining-consciousness Toa Bob. Kazu then was forced to fight Bob. Matrak at the same time had won against Bizzaro Dark709. However, a mob of matoran was forming. A group of matoran named The Apprentices and the toa had joined together where Hapori had died- At the top of Tohu tower. However, they were part of the mob and drained Bob of his powers. Unfortunately, Bormatu absorbed them mid-flight and became Malice Borg, A foe with destructive powers. Bob was returned to a matoran, but lost his intelligence and memories. Malice Borg headed up to the roof, with Matrak and Kazu following. In a fight however, Kazu was stabbed by Malice and fell off the building, only held up by a dying Matrak for a short amount of time. Matrak then kicked Malice Borg off the side for revenge, also giving him a black eye and making him winded at the same time, as revenge for Tohu and BZ-Koro. The rest has currently been lost to history, although we are gathering information from witnesses as we speak.

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