Here is a rough history of the universe of Void of Earth's Solar System


This was the prehistoric time of humanity before the exodus into space and the formation of Earth's first world government. It occurs over 3000 years ago.


This era begins around 3000 years ago with the organization of the first world government on Earth. Lasting until around 1500 years before the present time. It is the time where the invention of many of the various types of intelligent beings (basically anyone other than humans born by natural, traditional, non-cloning methods; see races in VESS) and the invention of many of the current technologies currently in use (see technology in VESS). The terraforming of the planets Mars and Venus to Earth-like conditions (see Mars in VESS and Venus in VESS), the construction of the near-Earth orbital cities (see near-Earth orbital cities in VESS), and the colonization of all the above places as well as, Earth's moon Luna (see Luna in VESS), the planet Mercury (see Mercury in VESS and the asteroid belt (see asteroid belt in VESS) between Mars and Jupiter orbits. Two of the three religions dominant in the present time (see Fifth Era below), Solar Monotheism and Ecumenical Monotheism (see religion in VESS), are first advocated during this time,but not until the Third and Fourth Eras (see below) do these two faiths by and large displace older religious traditions.


This era lasts from 1500 years ago to 1000 years ago. This saw corruption and crime, as regional nationalist sentiment that saw the development of independent governments in North America, Africa, and Australia. Some of the politicians, bureaucrats, and military and law-enforcement units of the original world regime form a new political party, the Earth Political Union, which promoted a policy of world unity and racial equality, unlike the rival governments which promoted the notion that natural-born humans were morally and racially superior to human clones, felinoids, canoids, intelligent apes and dolphins, and artificial-intelligence personalities in some robots and computers. The Political Union won the wars to reunite the native planet of humanity and form the current United Earth Regime. Meanwhile, colonization of the moons of the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (see Outer planets in VESS) and even the Kuiper Belt (see Kuiper Belt in VESS pick up pace.


This era lasts from 1000 years ago to about 500 years ago. It sees the Uited Earth Regime and it's ruling Earth Political Union begin a military and political campaign to unite the entire solar system under it's banner. It completely takes over the near-Earth orbital cities and gains control of parts of Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the asteroid belt, but the local governments unite as the League of Planets to stop the Regime's advances. Meanwhile, the various local states in the outer solar system federate in a loose Outworld Alliance to promote some semblance of law and order. The independent spaceship owners who specialize in interplanetary trade and various religious leaders form the Free Trade and Religious Guilds respectively (see politically neutral guilds) at this time.


This is the modern era in the universe of Void of Earth's Solar System, starting around 500 years ago. The Uited Earth Regime vaccilates between it's traditional militaristic expansionism and suing for peace. Around 300 years ago, vitually all governments and various private corporations start construction on the network of communications satellites and graviton-pulse generators to promote a reliable, politically neutral network of interplanetary communications-the Interplanetary Communications Corporation. Around 150 years ago, the United Earth Regime, League of Planets, and Outworld Alliance start their three-way conflict, including some armed fighting for control of the mineral resources of the asteroid belt. In the last several decades, the Empire of Spectra, formerly a member state of the Outworld Alliance, secedes from the Alliance and begins a program of political/militaristic expansion. This present era sees the third of the dominant religions in modern age, the polytheistic Neo-Pagan Movement rapidly emerge as a serious rival of Solar and Ecumenical Monotheism, as belief in a multitude of deities give the promoters of belief in the One True God a run for their ecclesiastical money.

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