Sometime during the end of the Second Age and the beginning of the Third Age, there was a mass exodus of persons from the Eastern lands of Middle-earth. In this exodus, there were people of all races, men of Arnor, elves of Mirkwood and mountain creatures.

However, as these people came together to forge a great kingdom (bar the elves, whom created their own empire in the forests of Eiferel), the Wraith-king, and the forces gifted to him by Sauron, pursued them, perching in the Fornorr mountains ready to strike at the developing kingdoms.

The men were lead by Euwinil, who had been a descendant of one of the kings of Arnor. He forged the fortress city of Ustweril, from which he reigned to agricultural provinces of Rhuliv, Custwerhin and Euelvil. Whilst Rhuliv and Custwerhin were farming lands, Euelvil was situated on the coast of the Eastern sea.

The forests of Eiferel was situated to the north, where it bordered the Fornorr mountains. The elves were governed by the prince Irhiril, along with his consort: the lady Galfihel.

In the mountains, the Wraith-king ruled. He was a being created through the use of the Morgul-blade. He became a lieutenant to the Witch-king, serving as his emmisary. In the eastern lands of Estwuin, he built to fortress of Ulug-orai, meaning "the Palace of Drakness" in the the language of Mordor.

Battle of Glaydwuiys

As the mortal immigrants began to settle, the Wraith-king had already began to construct his army. Great trains of Orc and man stretched back to Angmar, ready to feed the King's war effort.

Battle was first met between the forces of evil and the mortal settlers in the year 0023. A skirmish party of Orcs had infiltrated the forests of Eiferel, via the Gladywuiys Ford. The party was intercepted by an elven patrol, who quickly dispached the orc pointmen. The orcs quickly fell back in dissary, but where trapped by a second elven party, whom occupied the opposite side of the ford. Trapped in the river, the orcs were decimated by arrow-fire. However, the Wraith-king was not without his eyes and ears, and heard of the ambush. Even as the last orcs died, a hundred more could be seen storming towards the eveln parties. After a handful of volleys, the elves retreated into Eiferel. The orc leader, named Uorgur decided to pursue and was never seen again.

The Wraith-king was naturally infuriated, but acknowledged his defeat and began fortifying Ulug-orai against any possible counter-attacks.

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