Lunara is a Tibia server that was created on December 10, 2002. It is mostly composed of long periods of relative peace, marked by long, bitter wars against the established authoritative guild, the Liches of Archinare.


CipSoft created the server because of the heavy traffic on other German servers every weekend. The Tibia version at the time of release was 7.1, with the Christmas update 7.2 coming exactly a week later. The early population of Lunara consisted mostly of Novans, though many prominent Lunarans in the first months of the server were also from Antica. Early families were the Hellsblades, the Hellblades, and, most notably, the Flynns. Hostilities arose between members of the Hellsblade family and the Hellblade family because the Hellsblades asserted they had been on Lunara since before the Hellblade family, and accused them of being namefakes.

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