Here is a small amount of History Leading Up to the Reptilien Wars, it goes all The way to the first Battle of the Reptilien Wars known as The Battle over Scummier. Everything after That Is Under Battles.

The 2800's

2851: Humens Come into First Contact With the Reptiliens.

2873: First sighting of the Myr on Romis. They are seen only as Scavengers.

  • The First Working Warp Jumper is Built, However the first jump is a disaster when the ship jumps into the gravity of a red Star.
  • After A few Disputes with Trading Posts in the Outer Mid Realm, the Dumas Confederation is formed.

2892: The Reptilen/Floridian War Begins

The 2900's

2947: Battle Of Flurisha- The Reptilien Republic Begins to Crumble.

2952: A small outpost on the edge of Wild Space is destroyed, Early Signs of the Nyx.

2967: End of the Reptilen/Floridian War, the Floridian Star Republic is formed

2972: Humens make the first successful Warp Jump, They Jump from one edge of the galaxy to the other is 3.4567 Seconds.

2994: After a loss of 3 Spice mining Planets to An unknown Race, the Hexes Federation is formed.

The 3000's

3009: First True Appearance of the Nyx, They attack Zamora.

3013: It's discovered that the Myr Exist on almost every planet.

3017: The Nyx send a Battle Sphere to Earth, but it's destroyed after an attack on Mars.

3026: The Human/Reptilien/Floridian Alliance is formed.

3027: First sightings of the Warp Rings.

3035: First Appearance of the Myr Retrievers

3062: The Nyx Launch a Full on attack on both The Outer, and Outer Mid realms, Start of the First Nyx War.

3078: End of the First Nyx War. The Nyx take over 2000 worlds, but in the end are defeated by the humans. During the Chaos of the War the Nyx Learn how to Successfully Warp Jump

3092: Small federations from thought out the Outer Realm.

the 3100's

3114: A small group for Reptilien Planets from a Federation and Split from the Republic.

3121: After Much Dispute, the Federation Wars Begin between The Reptilen Republic and The Federations.

3127: the Federation Wars End when the Republic Collapse With the Federation of Reptiliens. In The Ashes the Reptilen Empire is born. Also the Kassic Construction Clan, Vaster Alliance, Dismay Bankers, Roxon Border League, Genoa Production Corporation, Jenuscar Ship builders, Senavar Slaver Alliance, The Settlers Union are all formed.

3178: The Nyx Complete the Nyx Planet Killer, they Launch it On Earth and destroy it.

3179: The Nyx Planet Killer is destroyed. The Nyx Begin sending spies to every Human world

the 3200's

3204: After Years of Plotting the Nyx Launch a Full On attack on Wild Space and The outer Realm. The second Nyx War begins.

3217: The War Spreads into the Outer Mid Realm.

3258: The War Finally Spreads into the Mid realms.

3262: The humans rush to Complete Echo Earth. The Nyx Star Pushing into the Inner Mid Realm.

3293: The Nyx Begin the attack on The core Worlds.


3312: By this time all the Humens colonies have been concerned,.

3318: The Nyx Invade the Deep core, They Reach Echo Earth Within hours, the only ones to fight them are Humens . Left with no choice they activate Echo Earth, but foolishly make it so it will destroy both the Nyx and the Humens . It goes off and All Humens and Nyx within range of the Warp Blast are eradicated. Some Nyx survive Because they were outside the warp rings at the time. Echo Earth Disappears.

3319: Not being foolish Any surviving Nyx Retreat to Wild space. The Humens Race is declared Extinct. The Galaxy begins a long rebuilding.

3325: Reptileus Concarna the one day Supreme General is born.

3330: Some evidence points to a few Humens Colonies that survived the Warp Blast because the were out in wild Space, but they can not be found.

3347: A warning is sent out to all species warning them to use Warp Jump at their own risk. Also Reptileus Concarna Joins The Reptilen Army.

3381: after Years of service Reptileus Concarna Gets the rank of Admiral.

3385: Hexes Federation attacks a small colony on the edge of the inner mid Realm and Core. They a found Guilty By the Reptilen Empire and Loses there Trade deals.

3395: Reptileus End’s a Dispute Between the Floridian Star Republic and the Dumas Confederation.


3402: after years of service Reptileus Concarna Becomes Supreme General.

3414: Emperor Demos Dies. His Nephew Emperor Clangor Takes over. Corruption begins.

3420: Emperor Clangor ends trade with anyone outside the Main imperial alliance. This angers several small groups.

3424: Lord Mandela Begins the Axis Confederacy; Groups who form it are Hexes Federation, Kassic Construction Clan, Vaster Alliance, Dismay Bankers, Roxon Border League, Genoa Production Corporation, and the Dumas Confederation .

33427: For the protection of the Empire Emperor Clangor begins a draft inside the Empire, Reptileus Concarna dose not agree with this but just stands off to the side.

3329: After a meeting with the Jenuscar Ship builders The Axis Fleet is born.

3332: The Axis Confederacy demands the surrender of the entire Mid Realm or the Empire will Face Devastation. Days later is The Battle over Scummier. The Reptilien Wars Begin….

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