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History of Swim Without Interference at Minnewaska and the Minnewaska Distance Swimmers Association

1) History of Minnewaska State Park and Swimming Use

2)Political Struggle Surrounding Marriot purchase

3)The Birth of SWIM

A) ===Judy Mage Lead Co-Coordinator.===

Judy liked to swim illegally at Minnewaska and one night she was busted and roughly treated. Then she met a friend on a bus to NY and decided it was time to take back the lake.

B) ===Ray Greenberg secondary Co-Coordinator.===

Ray was an avid Gunk Rat, someone who spent many hours enjoying the Gunks, hiking, biking, skiing and yes swimming illegally. One day while out at Awosting Lake swimming in a private unguarded and illegal spot he noticed that the Rangers were now on bikes. This introduction of more mobile transport technology was frightened him, since the early warning system for illegal bathers was the site of the Rangers truck lumbering down the carriage roads. The bikes are quicker and harder to spot and the fear was that a crackdown on illegal bathing would soon follow. While discussing this with a friend Mike Scher, they got pretty worked up....

C) Formation of SWIM and early strategies.

D) Negotiations with the Park

i)Significant action Demonstrations
iii)Media Outreach
iv) Legislative Outreach...

E) Negotiations with the State

F)The Deal and the end of SWIM

G) MDSA Today

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