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This history is for the current Crimson Shadow chronicle which is set in the fictitious city of San Andreas, California using the map from the Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas game.

California San
San Andreas

Pre 1800

  • 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
  • 1519 Hernán Cortés begins the conquest of the Mexica/Aztec Empire.
  • 1521 Conquest of the Mexica/Aztec Empire ends.
  • 1579 The English explorer Francis Drake also explored and claimed an undefined portion of the California coast.
  • 1602 Sebastián Vizcaíno explored and mapped the coast of California for New Spain.
  • 1697 The last recognized Mayan stronghold falls, ending the conquest of the Yucatán Peninsula by the Spanish.
  • 1769 Spanish colonization of the California area begins with the creation of the first mission at San Diego.
  • 1775 American Revolution begins.
  • 1776 July 4 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, more commonly called the United States Declaration of Independence, is ratified by the Second Continental Congress.
  • 1778 The first recorded European settlement in San Andreas is established, a Spanish mission.
  • 1782 Hostilities in the American Revolution end.
  • 1783 The Treaty of Paris formally ends the American Revolution, granting the former colonies independance.
  • 1788 Alfonzo Diego arrives in San Andres scouting the area for an Invictus settlement.


  • 1800 William Salvador Preston, a Ventrue member of the Invictus, claims the title of Prince of San Andreas. Arriving with him were his court: Sherrif Father Domingo Ryos, Seneschal Isaac Richards, Herald Cale Antes, and Keeper of Elysium Ashleen Sudar.
  • 1803 Christian Michaels, Catherine Michaels, Yrsa Dennedron, and Ragnar Thrice-born all arrive in the newly growing city of San Andreas. Christian Michaels immediately takes the mantle of Ventrue Priscus. Catherine Michaels goes to voluntary torpor shortly after arriving.
  • 1805 Kindred revolution in Amsterdam bringing a council of 5 Invictus Kindred to power. The group calls themselves "Kerzans" in honor of a previous attempt at such a council elsewhere. Three of the five are assasinated and the remaining pair flee. One, de Graff, would arrive in Belgium and begin discourses which would be the genesis of the Carthians.
  • 1815 Charlotte Bonaparte embraced in San Andres without the Prince's Permission, her sire, the Sherriff of the city is executed and Charlotte is placed in the hands of Alfonzo Deigo and Akasha.
  • 1820 Trappers and settlers from the United States and Canada began to arrive, setting the stage for latter claims to secession.
  • 1821 Treaty of Cordoba grants Mexico independence.
  • 1835 January 30 Attempted assassination of US President Andrew Jackson fails, would-be assassin apprehended after Jackson beats the man with his cane.
  • 1836 Juliet Summers arrives in the city.
  • 1838 Robert Rush arrives in San Andreas
  • 1842 Shanna Andreas Embraced in the City by Alfonzo Diego.
  • 1845 Annalia Tate arrives in San Andreas from London, bringing with her the Word of Longinus and the name of the Lancea Sanctum. It is unknown what brought her.
  • 1845 US annexes Texas, ultimately causing the Mexican-American war.
  • 1846 Mexican-American war starts.
  • 1846 A claim is briefly made to a Republic of California. This ends when Commodore John D. Sloat of the United States Navy sailed into San Francisco Bay and began the military occupation of California by the United States.
  • 1848 Mexican-American war ends. End of hostilities is formalized by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which cedes most of what will become the southwestern United states, including California.
  • 1848 January 24 Gold is found at Sutters Mill in California, starting the Gold Rush.
  • 1850 September 9 California is admitted to the Union as the 31st state.
  • 1850 Heimdall Inc. opens its doors as a lender and investor for other local businesses. The company is started by Christian Michaels Jr.
  • 1850 Most of the easily accessible gold is removed from California leaving concerted, industrial mining efforts to remove the remaining wealth.
  • 1855 James Black arrives in San Andreas
  • 1860 Kanis arrives in San Andreas
  • 1861 United States Civil War starts.
  • 1865 United States Civil War ends.
  • 1865 April 4 US President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.
  • 1865 Kanis enters torpor under mysterious circumstances
  • 1869 The First Transcontinental Railroad is completed.
  • 1878–1891 The Hatfield-McCoy feud took place in the back woods of West Virginia and Kentucky near the border.
  • 1881 July 2 US President James A. Garfield is assassinated.
  • 1885 Michael Law, Ventrue Invictus and long time fringe member of society, replaces the previous Priscus Harpy in the midst of a crisis regarding Prestation.
  • 1895 Miranda Richards embraced by Isaac Richards.
  • 1897 Bram Stoker produces the novel Dracula, leading to the exposure of the Ordo Dracul.
  • 1899 Wesley Corso arrives in San Andreas and takes over leadership of the Ordo Dracul


  • 1901 September 6 US President William McKinley is assassinated.
  • 1907 in Monongah, West Virginia. 362 mine workers were killed when an underground explosion took place. Including Leroy Hatfield, Age 29.
  • 1908 September 27 Henry Ford's first production line Model T is built.
  • 1910 Kanis awakens from torpor and regains leadership of the Ordo Dracul.
  • 1912 October 13 Theodore Roosevelt is shot.
  • 1913 Isaac Richards declares he has discovered Time Travel and is leaving for Mars that evening, disappears from the city. Juliet Summers replaces him as Mekhet Priscus soon after his disappearance.
  • 1915 United States enters World War I.
  • 1918 End of World War I.
  • 1920 League of Nations founded to prevent a recurrence of the "Great War."
  • 1920 Refused permits inside Oldtown, the first factories are built in what will become known as Industrial Town.
  • 1922 Robert Rush embraces John Torres
  • 1923 Wealthy industrialists, seeking space away from the crowding of Oldtown and the toxic environment around the new Industrial area begin development of what will become Hightown.
  • 1929 October 29, Black Tuesday. The Great Depression begins.
  • 1933 Feburary 15, Five shots were fired as Franklin D. Roosevelt was on stage in Miami, killing the Mayor of Chicago and wounding several other people. The actual target of the attack is unclear.
  • 1941 December 7 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor opening the way for US entry into World War II. The subsequent societal mobilization effectively ends the Great Depression.
  • 1945 Allies obtain victory first in Europe then in the Pacific ending World War II.
  • 1945 UN is founded.
  • 1950 Vitani Felan arrives in San Andreas.
  • 1950 Korean War begins.
  • 1950 November 1 Two men attempt to assault the Blair House where US President Harry Truman was staying while the White House underwent significant renovation.
  • 1953 Korean War ends.
  • 1959 Vietnam War begins.
  • 1962 Nightwolf arrives in San Andreas.
  • 1962 The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs.
  • 1963 November 22 John F Kennedy is assasinated in Dallas, Texas. Ahleen Sudar announces intention to enter Torpor after over 5 Centuries of activity. Willow Withers embraced by Alfonzo Diego.
  • 1965 Ragnar Thrice-born, a Circle Daeva, peacefully and successfully claims the title Jarl. The Jarl is generally considered a fair, if not kind, arbiter.
  • 1967 John Torres is kicked out of the Invictus, for reasons that are unknown, and joins the Carthians
  • 1969 July 20 Neal Armstrong becomes the first human to set foot on the lunar surface.
  • 1971 Johnny Relic arrives in San Andreas.
  • 1973 Paris Peace Accords are signed resulting in many of the troops in Vietnam being removed.
  • 1973 Nightwolf replaces Richard Troxxel as Gangrel Priscus. Troxxel has not been seen since.
  • 1973 Heimdall Stadium is built as part of a deal which brings the Sharks NFL team to San Andreas.
  • 1974 Man attempts to hijack plane and crash it into the White House to kill US President Richard Nixon. When informed it cannot take off with the wheel blocks still in place he kills the pilot and copilot before killing himself.
  • 1975 The last US troops leave Vietnam.
  • 1975 Two different attempts at assasinating US President Gerald R. Ford are barely foiled.
  • 1977 Cale Antes forced by Lifeboon to enter torpor for the next several centuries.
  • 1979 May 5 Man is arrested carrying a pistol to see US President Jimmy Carter speak. Man claims that he and another man were hired to create a diversion so Mexican hit men could kill Carter with sniper rifles.
  • 1981 US President Ronald Regan has a lung ruptured when a bullet lodges close to his heart.
  • 1984 Sophia Leyla embraced in San Andreas by Alfonzo Diego.
  • 1990 Operation Desert Storm occurrs.
  • 1991 USSR dissolves.
  • 1993 Three months after leaving office an attempt is made to carbomb George HW Bush as he speaks at Kuwait University.


  • 2001 September 11 the World Trade Center is destroyed when two passenger jets are crashed into it. Planes also impact the Pentagon and crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside.
  • 2003 The Iraq War begins and Saddam Hussein is overthrown.
  • 2005 Heimdall Stadium finishes $500,000 worth of renovations to the stadium to make it one of the most cutting edge stadiums in the NFL. It is rumored that a mighty elder sleeps beneath the stadium. It is unknown where this rumor originated.

2007 and on

  • 2007 After numerous rumors of corruption and dishonor, Ragnar Thrice-born steps down as Prince. On his last night as Prince, police attacked court and arrested several kindred. There are many rumors about who summoned the police to court, but no facts are known. Several more kindred gatherings would be interrupted by police in the nights that followed this event.
  • 2007 The powerful Daeva Elder Seamus O'connell is diablerized by Johnny Relic.
  • 2007 Kanis takes the Princeship and holds it for a just a few nights. After being seemingly complicit in the escape of a diablerist, almost the whole city stands behind Annalia Tate in taking power from him.
  • 2007 YOU ARE HERE.

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