This page is dedicated to the history of Yusoh Pokemon RPG, and major events in it's history.

Generation I

Generation I was the generation created immediately after the board was created on 11th November 2006.

RP Group 1 Began

RP Group 1, in Gen I began, containing 3 members. bobdat, camkoolkid, and insert name here. It lasted about a month.

Generation I collapsed

Gen I collapsed directly due to lack of activity and flaws in the RP format. It is thought to have finally been deleted on 21st December 2006.

Generation II

Generation II was the result of the collapse of Gen I. It had the same format as Gen I, but more members joined, so it was more of a success.

RP Group 1 re-started

RP group 1 restarted, with 3 members again. bobdat, camkoolkid and williamp.

30 Members milestone passed

30 members had finally joined Yusoh.

Generation II collapsed

The impending doom finally happened, with lack of activity driving Gen II out.


No changes or effort was put into Yusoh for 2 months.

Generation III

Generation 3 was born when a code was found by bobdat which enabled the system of solid Pokemon to appear.

Generation III collapsed

The collapse was directly from lack of activity and new members.

Generation IV

Generation IV is the current generation. It was finally changed format-wise, and given a huge makeover, including complete destruction of all boards.

Kanto Opened

May, 2007, YPRPG was finally opened to the general public. The board 'Kanto' opened,

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