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Skellington Time Line

Indeterminate period in the past - Both the Zor'en race and the Alexandrian Empire came into existence in their respective parts of the universe. Due to war, or other catastrophes, all records of most of the early eras of these two races have been lost. The two races expanded at their own pace, their technologies slowly increasing over the millennia.

3024 BC - The Zor'en, after winning the Great Rift and uniting under esLi, come across the Alexandrian empire in their explorations. The encounter almost immediately escalates to full-out war.

2200 A.D. - Humans discover Faster-than-Light (FTL) travel.

2330 A.D. - Humans come into contact with the Alexandrian empire; war breaks out between the two races. Shortly after, the Zor also go to war.

2339 A.D. - The Alexandrian Empire and Zor Hegemony enact the treaty of (name) in order to wipe out the human race.

2560 A.D. - The Pananthros Republic stumbles upon a weak civilization of wolf-men on a single planet.

2576 A.D. - The Lycanian Monarchy gains FTL technology, and enters the cosmic scene, via trade with the PAR. Soon after, the PAR pulls The Lycanians into the ever-growing conflict between them and the (evil alliance name)

2600 A.D. - (Feline Race) discovers a downed PAR FTL-equipped exploration vessel near their own society. The government takes it into a moon-side military base, and within 50 years, has been able to duplicate the engines.

2650 A.D. - (Feline Race) meets the PAR whose technology they have stolen, then, through the Republic, comes into contact with the rest of the community.

2800 A.D. Present day.

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