hk47fan has been a member of both VA 1 and VA 2. He joined VA 1 in May of 2006, only a few months after it opened.

He quickly became an active power on the site. HK's most noted work on Vode An is probably his RP "Survival Dark Times". The RP was highly popular and grew to be the biggest RP on VA.

In the Summer HK became a Global Moderator of Vode An 1. He tried the best he could to help around. He has stuck with the site through thick and thin, and was one of the first to join Vode An 2. He is a supermoderator there and has tried to help with the problem of activity at the Forum.

Aside from his Vode An life, HK is also a member at KotorFanMedia. That was the way he found Vode An by clicking on a link in Force Flow's profile. He has been involved in multiple RP's at the Jekk Jekk Tarr, and is writing a fic for the main KFM site.

He at once had his own site "Starwars: Council of Immortals" a site that was all about one big RP that was a war between an immortal group and the Jedi. But, it was inactive and he deleted the site but currently he is building a second COI site, with the help of Force Flow.

HK also is the co-admin of popular Over The Hedge fansite "Over the Forum". He assists RAH with running the site and is a very active member.

Currently, events in HK's life are going to school, RPing in several different Roleplays, writing two fics, and being an active member of the sites he has joined.

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