(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(Thunder clapping sound effects went over the logo and the sounds of witches laughing appear)

Zira: Jump back,

(Berlioz runs away meowing)

Zira: twist the bones and then the back!

Mirage and Madame Mousey: Into the carpet of American-istics.

Narrator: Back in 1693, the people of Salem, Massachusetts

Mushu: Witches?

Zira: Yes?

Narrator: thought they got rid of the Sanderson sisters for good.

(Zira, Mirage and Madame Mousey scream horribly and Mushu takes off the rope of the hat)

Zira: We shall be back.

(Zira, Mirage and Madame Mousey laugh evilly)

Title: Hocus Pocus (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style)

(The background of the title starts with the thunder sound effects)

(The lights glow in the lighthouse)

Narrator: 300 years later,

Kessie: Boo!

(The candles lighten up in the castle)

Narrator: It's Halloween, and they're back!

(The floor is almost collapsed with green smoke, and Mordecai, Kessie and Margaret hurry to hide in, and Zira, Mirage and Madame Mousey come in, laughing evilly)

Mordecai: Uh-oh.

Zira: We're home!

Lady: Are you boys a little old to go trick-or-treating?

(Zira, Mirage and Madame Mousey gasp)

(Zira uses her powers to destroy a tree)

Mordecai: We're talking about 3 inching hags vs. the 20th century! How bad can it be?

(Zira uses the book to zap Mordecai, tripping himself up as well as the drum set)

Narrator: Now they're digging up old friends,

(Prince John rises from his grave and Madame Mousey laughs and claps)

Prince John: (coughs)

Zira: My god! What a stitch!

Narrator: and running amok

Mirage: Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok, amok, amok---

(Zira hits Mirage on her cramp)

Narrator: looking for the one thing they missed most.

Zira: Ooh, Steevah-suffer.

Kessie: I'm not hungry.

Madame Mousey: Ooh. But we are.

(Mordecai, Kessie, Margaret, Rigby and Berlioz scream in fear)

Narrator: Only one boy has the power to stop them,

(Mordecai opens the book and uses the courage to stop the witches)

Mordecai: Prepare to die again!

Zira: You have no powers here, you fool!

Narrator: before all Salem falls under the spell.

Zira, Mirage, and Madame Mousey (singing): My whammy fell on you, and it was strong. So strong, so strong, so strong. I put a spell on you, and now you're gone. Gone, gone, gone. So long!

(Zira zaps Mordecai, and blows her hands in, Margaret ducks and Mirage and her broom went upside down and missed it, Zira scares the kids and they run away, the three run away from Zira, almost catching them, the kids go to Old Burial Hill, and Prince John grunts while his arms use sign language to screw them)

(The witches make an escape with their brooms and they fly back to Salem)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents, Zira,

(Zira shocks Mordecai)

Zira: Hello.

Narrator: Mirage,

Mirage: We shall dance with me?

(Mirage and Tramp look at each other)

Narrator: and Madame Mousey.

(Madame Mousey laughs evilly)

Title: Hocus Pocus (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style)

Narrator: Hocus Pocus.

Zira: Into the night.

(Zira, Mirage and Madame Mousey fly in with their brooms)

Narrator: They love to fly, and it shows.

Madame Mousey: Good night, sleep tight, no screaming.

(Madame Mousey laughs evilly again)

Tagline: Coming Soon to your computer.

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