Ipodpics 053

propobly one of my movie fakes.

The hollywood movies are:
  • The BFG in 1989
  • Scooby doo and the reluctant werewolf in 1988
  • How the grinch stole christmas in 1966
  • Wallace and gromit-A grand day out in 1989
  • Wallace and gromit-The wrong trousers in 1993
  • Wallace and gromit-A close shave in 1995
  • Wallace and gromit-A matter of loaf and death in 2008
  • Toy story in 1995
  • Toy story 2 in 1999
  • Robin hood in 1973
  • Disney's classic vintage movie called Snow white in 1937-Snow white was the first disney film.
  • Disney's classic vintage movie called Pinocchio in 1940
  • Disney's Lady and the tramp in 1955
  • Disney's Mary Poppins with songs� in 1964
  • Disney's The jungle book in 1967
  • Disney's The aristocats in 1970
  • Disney's The many adventures of winnie the pooh in 1977
  • Disney's The little mermaid in 1989
  • Disney's The lion king in 1994
  • Disney's Pocahontas with songs in 1995
  • Disney's High School Musical with songs in 2006
  • Disney's Enchanted in 2007
  • Disney's The princess and the frog in 2009
  • Ice age in 2002
  • Shrek in 2001
  • The 80's vintage classic movie called Walt Disney Home Video presents THE PREMIER ADVENTURES OF SUPERTED in 1984
  • The 90's classic movie called SuperTed - Leave It to Space Beavers in 1990

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