Heal - A Curing spell that heals wounds and relieves pain for it's recipients. The spells power varies depending on the skill level of the caster. Truly experienced Priests and Priestesses can even heal severed limbs back onto the body, such is the strength of their magic and their devotion to the Goddess.

Ressurect - This spell can heal a person who is on the verge of death, as long as the soul has not yet left the body. It's used only in the direst of circumstances as casting it requires a great deal of energy from the caster. Ususally the caster is left exausted afterwards and it takes a truly amazing amount of stamina to handle more then one ressurection at a time.

Holy Light - A spell which uses the power of the Goddess to create a magical barrier which defends the caster and whomever he/she is traveling with. The barrier deflects both physical and mental attacks, much like the Fey/Boreal Psionic talent.

Judgement - The only offensive Holy Spell, it bathes oppents in a light which attacks them both mentally and physically, wracking their minds and engulfing them in white-hot holy flames. It is a spell that only the most experienced Priests and Priestesses can master, leaving them with a means of defending themselves without having to constantly rely on the aid of a Holy Knight.

Cleanse - This spell expunges poisons and ailments from the body, it also removes some weaker curses and can be used to strip protective barriers from opponents. It can also be used to remove harmfull effects from other spells such as Poison and Timeshift.

Banish - This is one of the first spells that Acolytes who are training to become Priests and Priestesses learn. It removes the controling magics of zombies and animated skeletons and excorsizes ghosts and other spirits who need to be sent on to the afterlife. It can also teleport boreal to a random location up to 20 miles away from the caster.

Seal - A Boreal unfortunate enough to come into an altrication with a Priest or Priestess may find themselves sealed in a sub-dimension if they are found to be exceedingly dangerous. Seals can last for up to a thousand years, with towns and settlements sometimes being built on top of the sealed Boreal. Sometimes there will be attached 'prophecies' forewarning others of the thousand year time limit of the seal.

Bless - This is a special enchantment that Priests and Priestess' cast on the armor, shields, and weapons of Holy Knights. It imbues their equipment with holy energy, making them more effective against evil beings such as Boreal and most monsters. The spell has an extremely long durration, requiring renewal only once every 5 years

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