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Home Alone is a series of films that was based on the adventures of a boy named Kevin (with the exception of the third film which focuses on a child named Alex Pruitt). The term usually refers to the first film in the series, which became the third highest grossing film at the time (1990), making a major star of lead actor Macaulay Culkin


  1. Home Alone/Thomas
  2. Home Alone/TUGS
  3. Home Alone/Noddy's Toyland Adventures
  4. Home Alone/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  5. Home Alone/Shining Time Station
  6. Home Alone/Veggietales
  7. Home Alone/The Nut Job
  8. Home Alone/Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)
  9. Home Alone/Lester the Unlikely
  10. Home Alone/Space Jam
  11. Home Alone/Ben 10
  12. Home Alone/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  13. Home Alone/Baby's Day Out
  14. Home Alone/Monster Party
  15. Home Alone/Dragon's Lair
  16. Home Alone/Cars
  17. Home Alone/Finding Dory
  18. Home Alone/Hero of the Rails
  19. Home Alone/The Rugrats Movie
  20. Home Alone/Misty Island Rescue

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