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Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)-Kevin Mcallister

Ariel- Kate Mcallister

Eric- Peter Mcallister

Bufford(Phineas and Ferb)- Buzz Mcallister

Susan Penevise(Narnia 2005-2008)-Megan Mcallister

Penny(Rescuers)-Linnie Mccalister

Phineas Flynn- Jeff Mccallister

Roger(101 Dalmatians)-Frank Mccallister

Anita(101 Dalmatians)- Leslie Mccallister

Spongebob-Rod Mccallister

Sabrina(Animated/Secret Life)-Tracy Mccallister

Melody(Little Mermaid II)-Sondra Mccallister

John Darling(Peter Pan)-Fuller Mccallister

Lilo-Brooke Mccallister

Emily(Power Rangers Samurai)- Heather Mccallister

King Triton-Old Man Marley

Bulkhead(Transformers)- Johnny the Gangster


Buzz's Tarantula-Morph(Treasure Planet)

Larry Balzak-Prowl(Transformers)


Hades-Harry Lime

Home Alone 2 Lost in New York

Double D-Rob Mccalister

Stan Smith-Mr. Hector

Peter Griffin- Cedric

Morgana- Mrs. Stone

Mr.Duncan- Pirate Captain(Band of Misfits)

Bird Lady-Odette(Swan Princess)

Home Alone 3

Alex Pruitt-Wart(Sword in The Stone)

Karen Pruitt-Anna(The King and I)

Jack Pruitt- Tulio(Road to El Dorado)

Stan Pruitt- Taran(Black Cauldron)

Molly Pruitt- Jenny(Oliver and Company)

Mrs. Heiss- Flora(Sleeping Beauty)

Police Officer:Flynn Rider

Peter Beapure- Captain Hook

Alice Ribbions-Ursula(Little Mermaid)

Burton Jeregain-Doofenshrmitz

Earl Unger- Dr.Nefarious

Home Alone 4

Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)-Kevin Mccalister

Ariel-Kate Mccallister

Eric-Peter Mccallister

Bufford-Buzz Mccallister

Susan Penevise-Megan Mccallister

Lucy Penesive-Natalie

Prescott- Roger(American Dad)

Molly- Mrs.Neutron(Jimmy Neutron)



Home Alone 5 Cast Coming Soon

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