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We want your feedback, feel free to edit these pages, and add to this handbook for our home.


In general the curfew is 10:30pm on weekdays, midnight on Friday/Saturday for 16 or older. Give yourself 30 minutes to account for traffic, and do not rush (speed) home. You should arrive 15 minutes early, just like a job. For 13 to 16 the curfew is one hour earlier. For summer we allow 11pm on weekdays. For up to 13, you need to be in the house by dark. We need to know are at all times, your cell phone must be charged and answered, and we need to know when plans change.

Please comment on what the Round Rock Police rules are for teenage curfew.

==Chores== You should get approximately 30-60 minutes of chores done per day. You should seek out chores that need to be done. Do not expect to be told everything you need to do. (You know what to do! If you do not, ask!).

  • Laundry: You must get your laundry done by yourself weekly. Team up to do laundry, and help each other. Fold others clothes, put them in their room or by their door. Do not leave laundry half done (just like the coin operated laundry matt).
  • Making you bed: Make it each day, do it for yourself.
  • Clean your room: Pick up daily, and clean/vacuum, dust and change your sheets weekly.
  • Other Chores: Pam has a list, that includes vacuum house, clean toilets, wash windows, mow lawn, sweep/mop tile, dust, and pickup after yourself.
  • In General: Do not create work for others.

Please click to see/edit your chores.


You can not date or go out alone on a date until you are 16. You must let us meet your date, and know who they are, who there parents are, and give address/phone numbers. We request you not date (and by this we mean kiss, hold hands, or other affectionate relationship) with anyone we have not met. We request that you not put yourself in a situation which you are alone with a date in which anyone could assume (right or wrong) that you were having sex, or having sexual contact. Have fun with your significant other with others, and learn how to have fun with each other. Balance your alone time with social time. Be aware of perceptions, and understand that you are not invisible.

Driving cars

You can not drive Paul/Pam cars unless it is an emergency or special trip for Paul/Pam with permission. In general if you want to drive, you need to buy a car. You will also need to pay for the increased insurance costs to be on Paul/Pam’s insurance, which is about $100 per month. The price is more if you do not drive well or get grades below B average. If an accident or poor driving causes Paul/Pam insurance to go up, you will need to pay the difference, in addition to the price of your own policy. You need to buy your own gas, and save about $100 per month to pay for maintenance on your car. A good car costs about $3000 and if we can, we will match the money you save up with a loan (2% interest) to enable you to buy a car when you are 16, up to a $3000 dollar loan.


Brush teeth 2x per day (morning and night) and floss once per week. If you have braces extra cleaning between meals is needed. Gargle with mouth wash one per day. Wash body with soap daily, clean feet with soap and scrub between toes (most people forget). Wash face with cleanser if you are between 12 and 25 to keep acne from growing. Wash hair daily. Keep finger/toe nails clean and trimmed once per week. Never bite or peal fingernails (bad habit) or toes (gross!).

TV/Tube Time

You should limit yourself to 4 hours MAX, 2 hours ideally of tube time per day. This includes TV shows and Movies. Playstation, and karaoke are limited to 2 hours max per person, and 4 hours per day. If you are going to watch ONE movie this is 2 hours. So pace yourself, and try and get outside some! Exercise!! Don’t sit on your butt all day! Play board games, talk to each other.


Dinner time is a special time we share together. Plan on having dinner 6pm-8pm each evening. We feel it is very important for everyone to help prepare, cook and sit together at the table to enjoy dinner time and after dinner clean-up talk. We reserve this time to talk to each other and get to know what is happening in each others life. Nothing should be done at the table that is disruptive to digestion or the social environment. Please make yourself available whenever possible to eat dinner with the family. Thursday nights are reserved for this time at a minimum. Next special day is Sunday for dinner together. Mondays and Fridays are also days in which we can get together around the table. Tuesday are typically spent with other parent (Jay/Peggy home) and is Paul/Pam’s date night away from home. Wednesday is boys/girls night. We realize you can not always be at home for dinner due to work or extracurricular calendar, but we do expect at least one night at home around the table per week


Eat good food. Develop good eating habits. This means eating three healthy meals per day at breakfast (before 9:30am), lunch (around noon) and dinner time (6pm-ish). Eat a vitamin each day. Eat fruit and vegetables. Get at least 2000 calories of food per day, and do not exceed 3000 unless you are in daily sports activity. Do not eat food in front of the TV, or drink anything but water outside the kitchen/dinning room. When you eat snacks eat them from a bowl/plate not the container. Save appetite for dinner by not eating after 4pm. Discipline yourself not to eat/snack after 10pm.


Grades are your job and we expect you to do your best at your job as a student. You get paid for good grades. For all levels, anything less than a C, you pay us $5. We expect A’s and B’s. To go to college, you will need to take AP classes whenever possible, and shoot for perfect scores. Grades under a B average are difficult to sell to colleges regardless of extracurricular activity. Extracurricular activity is very important do develop your skills in both academics and non-academic (arts/sports/etc.) areas.

Payment for your job as a student

  • Middle School and High School is paid every 6 week period (6 times per year)
  • High School AP or Pre-AP classes are worth $15 for A’s, $10 for B’s and $5 for C’s.
  • High School Regular Classes are worth $10 for A’s, $5 for B’s, $0 for C’s
  • Middle School AP/Pre-AP A’s are worth $10, B’s are worth $5, $0 for C’s
  • Middle School Regular Classes are worth $7.50 for A’s, $3.75 for B’s, $0 for C’s
  • Elementary School is paid every 9 week period (4 times/year)
  • Elementary School A’s are worth $5, $2.50 for B’s, $0 for C’s. S’s are worth $1


We expect you to be presentable and dressed neatly with clean clothes each day. Basic skills needed for life. For school (or any occasion), follow the spirit of the dress code, do not push the envelope to the letter of the law. This means dress modestly for young women, and respectfully for young men. Iron your clothes. Polish your shoes. Have clean hair, teeth and fingernails. First impressions largely depend on how well you are dressed and groomed. These visual clues tell people who you are, and what you think of others how you respect yourself. Most importantly dress for the occasion, it shows respect for the people around you and event you are attending.

Check out these links for good sites on appearance:

  • Dress Code for Round Rock High School
  • [Acne]

Phone (cell or land)


  • Phone can be to "chat" between 9pm - 10pm during school after home work is done.

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