Homer Simpson Gets Arrested for Destroying the Abusive Husband is an 1st episode of Season 24 for The Simpsons. Orignally aired in September 21, 2012.


Homer and his family talk about the Domestic Violence and Homer talks about the murder of Abusive husband. He goes to the Abusive Husband's house where he lives with his wife and Homer says "DIE!" to him as he began to beat up Abusive Husband brutally, killing him. Then, the next neighbor calls the police. The cops then arrest Homer to the jail. Later, Homer goes to the Judge for his report. In 3 week later, His father Grandpa Abe is mad at Homer and he is grounded for life, This means no more movies, no more video games, no more friends, no computers, no Iphones, no Going Everywhere, no youtube, no Parties and no choice for the rest of his life.


  • Homer
  • Marge
  • Bart
  • Lisa
  • Maggie
  • Ned Flanders
  • Moe
  • Barney Gumble
  • Principal Skinner
  • Abusive Husband
  • Abusive Husband's wife
  • Policeman 1
  • Policeman 2
  • Policeman 3
  • Policeman 4
  • Chief Wiggum

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