Homer the Tintin is a two-part and seventeenth Episode of the ninth season of the Animated Television Series The Simpsons, which originally aired on March 8, 1998. In this Episode, Homer buys an Antique Model Ship of the S.S. Depression owned by Barney Gumble's Ancestor, Sir Archibald Gumble, in which has caused much attention of The Scrammer Brothers, Carney, Robert and the Bird Brothers who wanted the three Maps hidden in the three Model Ship Masts. Meanwhile, Chief Wiggum, Eddie, Lou and Thompson and Thomson try to stop the Pick-Pockets in Springfield.

The Episode is written by Ned Goldreyer and directed by Susie Dietter and David Mirkin and guest directed and animated by D.B. Sweeney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Kent Butterworth. The Episode guest stars Dom DeLuise as Greybeard, Mike Myers as Sir Archibald Gumble, Matthew Broderick as Tintin, Robin Williams as Captain Haddock, Eric Idle and Terry Jones as Thompson and Thomson, Jim Carrey as Professor Calculus, Marty Feldman as Dr. Sophocles Sarcophagus, Harvey Korman as Zloty, Martin Sheen, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, Gilbert Gottfried and Billy Crystal as the Scrammer Brothers, Wayne Knight as Gustav Bird, Charles Grodin as Max Bird, Adam Sandler as Carney, John Candy as Robert, Christopher Walken as Marty Seingold, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel as the Pick-Pockets Larry and Bobby Ozzeringno, Daniel Stern as Bluebeard, Joe Pesci as Redbeard, Andy Serkis as a Street Clown and Stephen Hawking as himself.

It won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for programming One Hour or More), making it the first longest Simpsons Episode ever to win that Category.



Being a huge Fan of Herge's Comic-Strip Album Series The Adventures of Tintin and had written for the Emmy Award-winning Animated Series, Ned Goldreyer agrees to write a Tintin Style Episode of The Simpsons. He wanted the Regulars of the Show to appear in the Episode, in which they all agreed.


In the Original Broadcast, "Homer the Tintin" finished 29th in Ratings for the Week

Todd Gilchrist named the Episode as one of his favorites of the Ninth Season in his review of the DVD Boxset and Authors of the Book I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpson Guide, Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, thought well of the Episode, saying "A Hilarious and Madcap Episode, with a wonderful Mix of Swash-buckling Pirates (Sir Archibald Gumble's Battle), Fun (Barney's Actions and Dialogues of his Ancestor), Slapstick (Captain Haddock, Eddie, Lou, Chief Wiggum, Professor Calculus, Dr. Sarcophagus, Thompson and Thomson and the Scrammer Brothers' Physical Comedy Antics), Action (Homer's Tintin-esque Stunts) and Homage (Tintin Comics) which comes together to make a refreshing, exciting, zany and grand Adventure lasting an Hour or More."

Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein greatly enjoyed the Episode and thought of it as a Homage to The Adventures of Tintin. On the Audio Commentary, Writer Ned Goldreyer stated, "I've been a big Fan of Herge's Tintin Comics ever since i was three." He then added, "I previosly wrote for the Tintin TV Show from Nelvana and i believe it is a Magnificent Job as Writer and Producer of both Tintin and The Simpsons."


Homer Simpson: What a well kept Market. And there sure are a lot of Antiques i've never seen before. Oooooh, a Poster of the Great Broadway Plays. Wow, here's Tintin and Dr. Sarcophagus with Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking: There, i believe i've captured something of your likeness.

Tintin: Looks great Mr. Hawking.

Sophocles Sarcophagus: It reminds me of the Time i was poisoned with Rajaijah Juice, the Madness Poison. Luckily, Professor Fang found the cure.

Homer Simpson: Thompson and Thomson, Chief Wiggum, Eddie, Lou, hello!

Chief Wiggum: Good to see you.

Thompson and Thomson: At you service, Homer Simpson.

Lou: They agreed to join us.

Homer Simpson: Doing some Sunday Shopping?

Eddie: Actually, we're here on a Case.

Thompson: We've been assigned to catch those pesky Pick-Pockets.

Thomson: The Ones who must not be named yet.

Homer Simpson: Wow. A Magnificent Model Ship. Barney will love that Ship. How much is it?

Shopkeeper: It costs about $400.

Homer Simpson: Perfect! I'll buy it.

Shopkeeper: Okay then Mr. Simpson. It's a Deal.

Marty Seingold: How much is that Ship?!

Shopkeeper: Sorry sir, i've just sold it.

Marty Seingold: Let me buy it from you, Mr. Simpson.

Homer Simpson: But i don't wanna sell.

Carney: How much for the Ship?

Shopkeeper: I'm afraid you're too late, sir.

Homer Simpson: It's not for sale.

Robert: How much for the Model?

Homer Simpson: It's already been sold.

Robert, Carney and Marty Seingold: To who?

Homer Simpson: To me!!

Carney: I'll give you Forty Bucks.

Robert: Give him a Break. I'll give your Forty-Four Bucks.

Marty Seingold: Whatever he said, i'll double it.

Carney: Get lost i was there first! What about Forty-Eight?

Robert: Beat it, Chum. How about Fifty?

Marty Seingold: I'll raise it to Sixty.

Marty Seingold: I quite understand your surprise Mr. Simpson. I felt the same way this morning, i had thought my Ship was an original.

Thompson: We'll have to keep our Eyes open Thomson.

Chief Wiggum: Never fear Mr. Simpson we will find those Pick-Pockets.

Thompson and Chief Wiggum: WHHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!!

Thomson: Thompson?

Eddie and Lou: Chief?

Thomson, Eddie and Lou: Where are you?

Homer Simpson: "Three Brothers united, three Depressions sailing together, under the Noonday Sun shall speak. For it is from the Light that the Light shall come and it will shine. The Cross of the Lion." The Cross of the Lion? How Mysterious.

Homer and Dr. Sophocles Sarcophagus: One, Two, Three!!!


Barney Gumble: AVAST PIRATES!!

Tintin: Great Snakes! He's Crazy!!

Captain Haddock: Blistering Barnacles, he's acting the Goat!!!

Barney Gumble: AVAST YOU SEA GERKINS!! BUCKANEERS!! BILOBUSTERS!! That's got the Sea Dogs in the run. With a Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! Hey Homer.

Homer Simpson: What's going on Barney?

Barney Gumble: Look land lovers, you see that Man?

Homer Simpson: Who?

Barney Gumble: SIR ARCHIBALD GUMBLE!! My Ancestor of the Gumble Family! The most noble Sailor who ever ruled the Seven Seas! Anyway, i found this Chest in my attic last night and you'll never guess what's in it.

Captain Haddock: Treasure?

Barney Gumble: No, a Journal!

Homer Simpson: A Journal?

Barney Gumble: Look!

Dr. Sophocles Sarcophagus: Great Scott! Sir Archibald Gumble's Journal.

Barney Gumble: Yes and listen to this. "It's the year 1666, the S.S. Depression, a valiant Ship of King Walt the first, has left South France to set sail for home. Suddenly, there was a Cry from up above."

Lookout: Vail on the Port Bow!

Sir Archibald Gumble: Great Greedy Guts, she's coming up close! She'll cut up my Boat! She is running up a Color. PIRATES!!!! Greybeard!! Ahoy there! Clear the Decks! Stand by to Hull Wind!!!

Barney Gumble: "The S.S. Depression was gonna try to outrun the Pirate Ship."

Sir Archibald Gumble: Oh no! It's no use! She's overhauling us fast!!

Barney Gumble: "There was only one thing to do, the S.S. Depression had to outwit the Pirates."

Sir Archibald Gumble: Closer me Harties! Closer! That's the way. Closer! Ready about! Let go the Blazes!

Barney Gumble: "The S.S. Depression had taken the Pirates by surprise. They had no Time to altercoarse."

Sir Archibald Gumble: Gunners take your Places! Simon!

Simon: Yes sir!

Sir Archibald Gumble: Secure the Cargo!!

Simon: Ay Ay Captain!!

Sir Archibald Gumble: FIRE!!!! Got her Laddies! FIRE!!!

Barney Gumble: "But it wasn't enough. The Pirate Ship was damaged, but wasn't sinking."

Sir Archibald Gumble: LOOK!! She's hoisted Fresh Colors! The Red Flag! A Fight to the Death! No Prisoners taken!

Barney Gumble: "The Pirates were closing in. They've managed to Maneuver behind the S.S. Depression to avoid the Fire of her Guns! No more than half a Cables linked the Way, the Pirate Ship suddenly slips under the S.S. Depression's Poop. Like this! The Two Ships are now side by side!

Company: Wow!

Barney Gumble: "The Pirates are ready to board, Weapons are drawn, Grappling Iron Hooks are hurled. AND THE FIGHT TO THE DEATH BEGINS!!!!"

Pirates: Yar Har, Fiddle Dee Dee!! Long live Greybeard! Down with Gumble!

Sir Archibald Gumble's Crew: Yo ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! Long live Sir Archibald Gumble! Down with Greybeard!

Barney Gumble: All Hands to Repel Boarders!

Captain Haddock: I'm with you Gumble!! This is going to be interesting!

Sir Archibald Gumble: Back you Sea Lice! Dirty Dogs! Terrorists! Theiving Toads!

Sir Francis Haddock: Tramps! Savages! Nincompoops!

Diego the Dastardly: Got you now Haddock!

Sir Francis Haddock: Take THAT!! Diego the Dastardly!!

Greybeard: YAAAAHHHHH!!!! Leave this Man for me Boys!

Sir Archibald Gumble: Help yourself you BlackGuard!

Sir Archibald Gumble and Greybeard: ATTACK!!!

Sir Archibald Gumble: So you want to Kill me, Hah?!! You Gerkin!! Well take that and THAT!!!

Sir Francis Haddock: Attack me from behind would ya?!

Sir Archibald Gumble: Then how about THIS?!!!

Barney Gumble: That's what happened to Sir Archibald too. A heavy Block fell on his Head and he fell to the Deck stunned. "The Pirates have won the Battle, every last S.S. Depression Man was forced to walk the plank."

Sir Archibald Gumble: What's happened? Where's my Crew? Blue Blistering Barnacles! I'm trapped like a Rat! You Murdering Maggots! Thieving Toads! Scoundrels! Monsters!

Greybeard: I am Greybeard.

Sir Archibald Gumble: And i'm Sir Archibald Gumble.

Greybeard: The name Greybeard should make your Heart freeze, Sea Dog.

Sir Archibald Gumble: BAH!!

Greybeard: Never mind. Your dangy Mate killed Diego the Dastardly, my trusty Mate. My Ship is sinking because of your devilish Gunners. So we'll take over the S.S. Depression. My Men is just transferring the Booty and what Booty it is in thee. Enjoy the Hour of the Night, Sir Archibald! Because tomorrow at Dawn, you die!!

Barney Gumble: "That Night, the S.S. Depression dropped Anchor in a Sheltered Cold of a Small Deserted Island. Flashed with Victory, the Pirates were Celebrating."

Homer Simpson: That's it! Greybeard's Treasure! The Maps for Greybeard's Treasure were hidden in the Masts!

Barney Gumble: Treasure?!! A Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum, Grey... What Maps?

Homer Simpson: Don't worry, Barney. We already have one and Mr. Seingold has the second.

Tintin: All we have to do is find the third and Greybeard's Treasure will be ours!

Barney Gumble: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Homer Simpson: Greybeard's Treasure here we come!

Company: YAHOO!!!!!

Barney Gumble: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! Greybeard's Treasure here we come!

Captain Haddock: But that means... Holy Thunderous Thunderclouds! Someone or Somebody else is after the Treasure!

Marty Seingold: A Man came by with some Antique engravings. I was examining them when something covered my Nose. I don't remember anymore.

Tintin and Homer Simpson: Chloreform!

Thompson and Thomson: Ohh.

Homer Simpson: Mr. Seingold, this is very important. Could you describe the Men for us?

Marty Seingold: Well, the one had Brown Hair and a Beard, and the other had Black Hair and a Moustache. And i am sure i've seen them before.


Thomson: STOP POLICE!!!

Chief Wiggum: We've got you Covered!!

Eddie: Got You!!!

Robert: Mr. Simpson, my name is Robert.

Carney: I am Carney. We must talk with you.

Robert: But we're not safe here.

Captain Haddock: Let's go inside.

Carney and Robert: Right.

Farmer: By Professor Scroppy! I've caught me nine Hog Rustlers.

Max Bird: Put us down you Pig-headed Haysheed. Chief Wiggum: We're here to inform you that you're under arrest.

Eddie: Mr. Carney and Mr. Robert survived your Shooting.

Lou: And has given us a complete statement.

Moe Syzlak: Great Scott!! It's lagitude and longitude!

Captain Haddock: Ten Thousand Typhoons!! It's where the S.S. Depression Sank.

Barney Gumble: That means, we're gonna be rich!!

Company: A Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! Greybeard's Treasure here we come!!! YAHOO!!!!

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