Homer the Vigilante is the eleventh Episode of The Simpsons' Fifth Season. In the Episode, a crime wave caused by an elusive cat burgler hits Springfield. The Police are involved with Homer taking charge of the neighborhood watch. Homer's Father and his friends help them and discovered that the Cat Burgler is Molloy Bemelmans. Molloy is arrested and told the citizens of Springfield about the hidden Money, which turns into a Keystone Kops style in homage of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and The Three Stooges, ending with all the men and women on top of the Fire Engine Ladder and winding up in the Hospital. In the Subplot, Lisa is shocked to find that her stolen Saxophone is illegelly given to Harvey Fierstein in Las Vegas and she has to get it back within 26 Hours or her Saxophone will be thrown into the Desert. In frustration, Lisa decides to get her Saxophone back with a huge pile of Tickets. She eventully succeeds in removing them and races back by Train and leave the City.

The Episode's main plot is written by John Swartzwelder and the subplot is written by George Meyer and directed by Jim Reardon and Mark Kirkland. Sam Neil guest stars as Molloy Bemelmans, Harvey Fierstein guest stars as Karl, George Tekai guest stars as Mitsuhirato, Robin Williams guest stars as a Police Driver, John Candy guest stars as Rastapopolous, Steve Martin guest stars as a Taxi Driver, Eric Idle and Terry Jones guest star as Thompson and Thomson, Steve Martin guest stars as Mr. Zoingpler and Jim Carrey guest stars as an Angry Train Driver.



The episode is written by John Swartzwelder, with the Subplot written by George Meyer and directed by Jim Reardon.

Cultural references


Michael Jeter calls it "One of the Funniest Episodes of The Simpsons". Tim Conway and Don Knotts loved the Episode's "Zany subplot and Madcap main plot".


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