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Homestar Runner was a children's book published in 1996 that was transformed into a flash toon website in 2000.


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  1. Homestar Runner/Avenue Q
  2. Homestar Runner/Care Bears
  3. Homestar Runner/Littlest Pet Shop
  4. Homestar Runner/Mario
  5. Homestar Runner/Donkey Kong Country
  6. Homestar Runner/Mr. Men
  7. Homestar Runner/The Mr. Men Show
  8. Homestar Runner/Rugrats
  9. Homestar Runner/Sonic
  10. Homestar Runner/Thomas
  11. Homestar Runner/Thomas and The Magic Railroad
  12. Homestar Runner/TUGS
  13. Homestar Runner/Shrek
  14. Homestar Runner/Muppet Treasure Island
  15. Homestar Runner/Follow That Bird
  16. Homestar Runner/The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
  17. Homestar Runner/Class of 3000
  18. Homestar Runner/We Bare Bears
  19. Homestar Runner/Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  20. Homestar Runner/Squidbillies
  21. Homestar Runner/Drawn Together
  22. Homestar Runner/Archer
  23. Homestar Runner/Family Guy
  24. Homestar Runner/The Simpsons
  25. Homestar Runner/King of the Hill
  26. Homestar Runner/South Park
  27. Homestar Runner/American Dad
  28. Homestar Runner/The Cleveland Show
  29. Homestar Runner/Futurama
  30. Homestar Runner/Robot Chicken
  31. Homestar Runner/Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  32. Homestar Runner/The Amazing World of Gumball
  33. Homestar Runner/Finding Nemo
  34. Homestar Runner/The Lion King
  35. Homestar Runner/Mixels
  36. Homestar Runner/Fuzzaboom
  37. Homestar Runner/Rolie Polie Olie
  38. Homestar Runner/Barney
  39. Homestar Runner/Sesame Street
  40. Homestar Runner/Rocko's Modern Life
  41. Homestar Runner/CatDog
  42. Homestar Runner/SpongeBob
  43. Homestar Runner/Chowder
  44. Homestar Runner/The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  45. Homestar Runner/Mixels
  46. Homestar Runner/Wander Over Yonder
  47. Homestar Runner/Viva Piñata

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