Homestar Runner and Sesame Street is a parody.

Don't Forget To Watch the Movies (No More Other Ones)

(Scene opens with flashing lights over Strong Bad's house and there is a lighting up arrow that reads "Theatre".)

Announcer: Welcome to Lowe's Theatres!

(Cut to Marzipan)

Marzipan: Grab a seat!

(Homestar Runner runs thurough the theatre like mad, his mouth has peanut butter all over it.)

Bubs: Watch it, Homestar!

Homsar: AaAaAaAaA, my tux is riven!

King Of Town: He looks like Frankenstein!

(The Poopsmith holds up a "Yes!" sign)

Strong Sad: Homestar! Watch the poems!


Homeschool Winner: Ouch!

Senor Cardgage: Ohh, my coma's still toast, pez dispenser!

(Homestar almost stops, he drinks alot of the milk)

Homestar: Oh, thewe's a seat!

(He spills popcorn)

Strong Bad: Homestar! PLEASE, I just watched my movies!

(Everyone in the basement sings)

All: Here's our theatre!

A Blue's Clues Christmas Carol

Blue gives in the Scrooge role and talks. Then, there is Steve as Bob Crachit, Joe as Fred, Fredrica as Jacob Marley, Tickety as Ghost of Christmas Past, Roar E Saurus as Present and Mailbox as Future.


Steve: Read any good Christmas books lately?

Blue: No. Christmas, I declare, is a "hum-bug!"

(Joe as Fred with a wreath opens door, making it go Boom! to the ground)

Blue: Grrrrrrrr

Joe: Merry Christmas! Sang any Christmas songs?

Blue: NO!!!!! Christmas fucks.

Joe: Oh, OK.

(Shovel and Pail with Slippery and Mr. Salt with Mrs. Pepper having Paprika in a stroller enter)

All: Hello!

We zoom into Mr. Salt with a small bit of Pail and Paprika with Green Puppy and Orange Kitten in a icture on the wall.

Mr. Salt: So, Blue, do you want these Xmas lights?

Blue: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ALL OF YOU OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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