Version 1

Homestarrunner as Kermit

Coach Z as Scooter

The Cheat as Great Gonzo

Strong Bad as Fozzie Bear

Pom Pom as Floyd Pepper

Bubs as Rowlf

Strong Sad as Zoot

Poopsmith as Janice

King of Tom as Dr. Teeth

Strong Mad as Animal

Mazipan as Miss Piggy

Homesar as Rizzo

Strong Glad as Camila

Blue Lazer as Sam the Eagle

The Knight as Statler and The Hornblower as Waldorf

The Blacksmith as Swedish Chef

Rather Dashing as Lips

Marshy as Sweetums

Nibbles as Lew Zealand

Stinkoman as Mahna Mahna

Cheerleader and The Ugly One as Snowths

So and So as Crazy Harry

Trogdor as Nigel

The Goblin as Pepe

Nebulon as Clifford

Senor Cardgage as The Newsman

Gunhaver as Eugene the Tuba Player

Silent Rip and Crackotage as Wayne and Wanda

The S is for Sucks Dragon as Dr. Phil Van Neuter

Reynold as Beaker

Flashfight as Bunsen

Baby Pom Pom as Johnny Fiama

Baby Strong Sad as Sal Minella

Baby Strong Bad as Walter

Version 2

Homestarrunner as Kermit

Strong Bad as Scooter

And more

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