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This is the first area that any aspiring miner become familiar with. Each player is given a Homestead when they first begin to play, and non-subscribed players return to their Homestead during every reset period. The Homestead is the basis of the player's operation and supplies all of the storage and repair facilities that they may need during their exploration and exploitation of Mars.

Statistics Weapons | Defense | Intelligence | Security | Radar
In-game Elements Homestead | Settlements | Outposts | Volcanoes | Ruins | Craters | Plains | Dunes
In-game Locations Earth | Mars
Rules and Regulations Basics | Payouts | Special Prizes | Purchases | Alliances
Top Ten Players slyfox | lomaxmd | eddymac | brutal | faxfox | RickDN | Algonquin723 | nicennaughty | Hitman | melanielv73
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