(1991 Walt Disney Home Video logo on a Blue Background)

Narrator: From Walt Disney Home Video,

(Clips: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey)

Peter: I'm gonna miss you so much.

Narrator: Left behind with family friends,

Woman: Have a nice vacation!

Narrator: And far from their home. Three beloved pets take matters into their own paws. He's Shadow,

Shadow: Something doesn't smell right.

Narrator: She's sassy,

Sassy: Cats rule and dogs drool.

Narrator: He's Chance,

Chance: Get a life. Get nine of 'em.

Narrator: Now, they're determined to find their way back.

Shadow: I'm going home.

Sassy: Wait!

Chance: Whoa!

Narrator: They're off on an adventure they'll never forget.

Sassy: Oh! This ground isn't nearly soft enough.

Chance: Don't be such a sissy, sassy.

Narrator: It's an untamed world full of surprises,

Chance: What's that smell? Whoa-ho-ho-ho! I never thought anything could smell too much!

Sassy: P-Yew!

Narrator: Where nothing comes easy.

Chance: Hey, hey, scram. Get your own fish.

Shadow: Careful, pup.

(Bear growls)

Shadow: Help!

Narrator: And danger waits at every turn.

Man: I gotta tell ya, domesticated animals stand a chance out here.

(Dog barks)

Narrator: Where the forces of nature will test their ability to survive.

(Mountain Lion snarling)

Shadow: Run!

Narrator: It will be an incredible journey home.

Chance: Hey, guys. Wait up.

Sassy: Come on!

Shadow: Home is just over that mountain.

Narrator: Critics agree: Two Thumbs Up says Siskel & Ebert. A masterpiece of family entertainment says ABC-TV. In the classic tradition of Walt Disney Entertainment comes "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey."

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