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A standing tradtion created by Ragnar when he rose to Jarl. It was offered to give the kindred of San Andreas a honorable way to settle conflicts instead of the typical shadow wars.

There is a special building in Hightown where challenges are held. Only the Master of the Challenge knows how to get in the building. The master is the last one who decides if the challenge will occur or not and is also present, making sure the rules are upheld and neither side cheats.

Ragnar has placed a mystical circle around the perimeter of the challenge area. Those inside are not subject to frenzy under the general conditions. Only Disciplines such as Nightmare still have the ability to send people into frenzy.

Final duel

Establishing the Challenge

  • Kindred (A) issues the challenge to another kindred (B). (A) may also state what type of challenge it will be.
  • Kindred (B) then sets the rules for the challenge. What may and may not be used, what qualifies the end of the fight, etc. If (A) did not set the type of challenge then (B) may also set the challenge.
    • (B) may also choose a champion to fight the challenge for them. However, that kindred may turn it down without it affecting their honor or standing in the city.
  • (B) informs the Forseti of the rules and the challenge and must gain the approval by the Forseti for the challenge to continue.
  • (B) and (A) must then go to the Master of the Challenge, inform her of the rules showing both sides are aware of what the specifics of the Challenge are and the exact reason(s) the challenge was issued in the first place. The Master of the Challenge then decides whether or not the challenge will commence.
  • (A),(B), Master of the Challenge and her archon(s) go to the location for the challenge to commence. The Master may decide to bring others into the area if they have a talent to ensure the Challenge ends at the agreed upon time, ensuring the safety of the kindred involved.
  • Once the challenge is complete, then the issue that started the challenge is considered resolved. Any action taken after the fact will most likely harm that kindred's honor and standing in the city.

Rules for Challenge

  • The challenge can only happen within the protected building.
  • The participants of the challenge may not bring anyone to, "cheer them on," so to say. The only kindred they may bring is their champion if they have one.
    • The master of the challenge must be informed of whom the champion is BEFORE the challenge is given final approval. If no one is stated by the participant, they must compete.
    • There is also no switching of champions after one has been given approval.
    • If, for whatever reason, a kindred's champion does not show up at the set time for the challenge to start then the original kindred must compete. Word of the wise- If you pick a champion, besure they actually will be at the fight. No sympanthy will be given to those forced to fight because their choice for champion did not show.
  • The Master of the Challenge may choose to bring in kindred who are not offical archons if they have a talent or skill that will be used fairly in the challenge.
    • Example- A physical challenge is issued. It is a fighting challenge with out weapons. A kindred who may check for hidden objects maybe asked to join to ensure neither side will sneak a weapon into the area.
  • If a kindred is found attepting to cheat may result in a punishment/handicap against that kindred. Depending on the level of cheating the challenge may be called off completely and the other kindred declared the winner by default.
    • Example- No weapons challenge again. Kindred (A) tried to sneak in gun into the challenge. They now will have to start the fight with 2 lethal against them.

Common Types of Challenge

Her are some ideas for challenges. You are not limited to these options. If you have ideas of more to add to the list you are more then welcomed to add more on here. Check the rules section.


Ist2 3207598 samurai duel


  • Foot race.
  • Maze (human-sized, race).
  • The Hunt (like the maze, but with a living end).
  • Counter Hunt (Mix of the Hunt and a trial by arms- the participants hunt each other).
  • One on One Sports.

Trial by Arms


  • Bare hands. (fisticuffs, boxing, wrestling, no claws or fangs.)
  • Natural Weapons (as Bare Hands, claws and fangs allowed.)
  • Chosen melee weapon.
  • Chosen ranged weapons. (pistol duel)


  • First Blood.
  • Yield (First to torpor is considered to have Yielded).
  • Torpor.
  • Final Death.


  • Chess.
  • Trivial Pursuit.
  • Scavenger Hunt.
  • Riddle contest.
  • Puzzle "race." (ie; first to solve a rubik's cube)


  • Staredown
  • Insults
  • Seduction
  • Debate

Past Challenges

  • Relic challenge to Margarite~ Was to take place the court of 9/8/07 but Margarite failed to state terms for the social challenge within the rules before the gathering of court thus delaying the challenge. That night Margarite met her final death by mysterious means which are under investigation.
  • Christian Michaels challenge to Nightwolf~ Took place at the gathering on 11/4/07. Due to controversy within the city concerning Nightwolf and the decisions he made the court before concerning the known diablerist Johnny Relic, it was believed by many in the city that Nightwolf should be bloodhunted. However, it was a belief that the Ordo and the Gangrel would fight those who stood against Nightwolf till the bitter end. When the newly elected Prince Tate brought the subject of what Nightwolf's punishment would be, the Ordo and the gangrel all surrounded Nightwolf, making their intentions well known. Not wishing a war, the idea of a challenge to settle the matter was issued. Christian Michaels announced he would be willing to fight Nightwolf to end the possibilty of the all out war at court. Nightwolf accepted the challenge. The terms of the challenge were if Nightwolf won, he would be relieved of all challenges thus restoring his honor; If Christian won, then Nightwold would accept any punishment issued by the Prince without arguement. Both sides would start completely rested, fight with the same weapon of a great sword, and the fight would be over once one either surrendered or one placed the other in torpor. The challenge was private with only Vitani Felan and James Black watching. The winner of the challenge was Nightwolf.