Hookbill The Horrid is an Ash & Friends spoof to the Thomas and Friends episode: Hector The Horrid.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Raimundo Pedrosa as James (Tom Kenny)
  3. Bumpty The Penguin as Bill (Brianne Siddall)
  4. Raphael The Raven as Ben (Phil LaMarr)
  5. Susie Feeble as Rosie (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  6. Hookbill Koopa as Hector (Jim Cummings)
  7. Steven Ketchum as Sir Topham Hatt (Dan Green)
  8. Beedrill as Troublesome Trucks
  9. Kevin Keene as Edward (Matt Hill)
  10. Funky Kong as Rocky (Damon D'Oliveira)


  • Michael Brandon: Hookbill The Horrid. Ash Ketchum enjoys arranging Beedrill. He can move them harder and faster than any other character. It's one of his favorite jobs. One morning, Steven had an important announcement.
  • Steven: Raimundo and Kevin must make extra deliveries of coal.
  • Michael Brandon: He boomed.
  • Steven: Ash, you must shunt and fill Beedrill at the coaling plant. Raimundo and Kevin, you must collect them this afternoon.
  • Michael Brandon: Ash was very pleased. Just then, Bumpty and Raphael chuffed by. Between them was a big koopa. It was biffing and bashing the little birds.
  • Ash: What are you two doing?
  • Michael Brandon: Tooted Ash. Bumpty and Raphael told him they were delivering the truck to the coaling plant.
  • Ash: Why does it need two characters to deliver one koopa?
  • Michael Brandon: Asked Ash.
  • Raphael: Because he really doesn't like to be shunted.
  • Michael Brandon: Chuffed Raphael.
  • Bumpty: His name is Hookbill.
  • Michael Brandon: Huffed Bumpty.
  • Bumpty: But we call him Hookbill the Horrid.
  • Michael Brandon: Bumpty and Raphael chuffed slowly away with Hookbill.
  • Raimundo: He does look troublesome.
  • Michael Brandon: Huffed Raimundo.
  • Ash: Troublesome Beedrill don't worry me.
  • Michael Brandon: Boasted Ash.
  • Ash: I could biff him firmly into place.
  • Michael Brandon: Later, Ash chuffed into the coaling plant. And there was Hookbill. The other Beedrill giggled and laughed.
  • Beedrill: Big, bad, strong and solid that koopa's name is Hookbill the Horrid.
  • Michael Brandon: They sang. Ash puffed closer.
  • Hookbill: KEEP AWAY!
  • Michael Brandon: Roared Hookbill.
  • Ash: Bumpty and Raphael were right.
  • Michael Brandon: Thought Ash.
  • Ash: Hookbill is scary. And Hookbill is horrid.
  • Michael Brandon: Ash decided to keep away. Ash spent the morning shunting the other Beedrill and filling them with coal. All the time, Ash could feel Hookbill the Horrid watching him. The coaling plant manager came to see Ash.
  • Coaling Plant Manager: We need an extra large delivery.
  • Michael Brandon: He said.
  • Coaling Plant Manager: So Susie is coming to help you. You must shunt and fill Hookbill, then add him to the back of Raimundo's train.
  • Michael Brandon: He told Ash. Later, Susie puffed into the yard. She saw Hookbill.
  • Susie: Wow, do we have to shunt and fill that big koopa, Ash?
  • Michael Brandon: She asked sweetly.
  • Ash: Yes.
  • Michael Brandon: Puffed Ash.
  • Ash: But he doesn't want to be shunted. His name is...
  • Michael Brandon: But before Ash could finish, Hookbill opened his mouth and let out the biggest roar ever.
  • Hookbill: KEEP AWAY!
  • Michael Brandon: He bellowed. Susie was so surprised, she shook from funnel to foot plate, and she steamed straight out of the yard. This made Ash cross. Hookbill had biffed and bashed Bumpty and Raphael, he had shouted at Ash and he had frightened Susie so much that she had puffed away. Now, the extra delivery would never be ready. Ash had had enough. He puffed up bravely in front of Hookbioll and gave him a mighty biff. Hookbill rolled backwards. He was very cross.
  • Hookbill: KEEP AWAY!
  • Michael Brandon: He roared.
  • Ash: No I won't.
  • Michael Brandon: Tooted Ash crossly.
  • Ash: You are causing confusion and delay. You really are horrid.
  • Michael Brandon: Then with one mighty biff, Ash sent Hookbill rolling backwards into a set of buffers. Hookbill crashed off the track. Ash felt very bad. He hadn't meant to knock Hookbill over. Ash puffed up to Hookbill. Hookbill lay on his side, looking very sad. Now Hookbill didn't seem so horrid.
  • Ash: I'm sorry I biffed you so hard.
  • Michael Brandon: Wheezed Ash.
  • Ash: But why don't you want to be shunted?
  • Hookbill: Because I'm scared.
  • Michael Brandon: Moaned Hookbill.
  • Ash: Why?
  • Michael Brandon: Asked Ash.
  • Hookbill: I'm new.
  • Michael Brandon: He groaned.
  • Hookbill: And I'm scared because I haven't been filled with coal before. I don't know what it feels like. That's why I didn't want to be shunted.
  • Michael Brandon: He added. Ash was surprised. Later, Funky Kong and the workmen arrived and lifted Hookbill back onto the tracks. Ash wanted to help Hookbill.
  • Ash: Sometimes I'm scared when I have to do something new.
  • Michael Brandon: He chuffed.
  • Ash: But coal isn't scary.
  • Michael Brandon: Hookbilll watched as Ash rolled under the coal hopper. Black, dusty coal poured into Ash's coal box. When the dust settled, Hookbill saw that Ash was smiling.
  • Ash: See, it's not scary.
  • Michael Brandon: Tooted Ash proudly. Now Hookbill was excited.
  • Hookbill: I'd like to be filled with coal, too.
  • Michael Brandon: He rumbled.
  • Ash: We must hurry.
  • Michael Brandon: Huffed Ash. Ash pulled Hookbill quickly under the coal hopper. Hookbill was quickly filled with coal. It felt wonderful. Then Ash shunted Hookbill into place just in time. Raimundo and Kevin puffed into the yard. They saw their waiting trains. Raimundo was very surprised to see Hookbill at the back.
  • Raimundo: Well done, Ash.
  • Michael Brandon: Snorted Raimundo. The trains were soon coupled up. Raimundo and Kevin puffed away for their special deliveries. They were very surprised to hear Ash whistle "Good luck." But the whistle wasn't for them. It was Ash tooting to his new friend "Hookbill The Not Horrid At All."

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