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Hookless is the 10th episode of the first season.


One night, whilst tractor tipping, Mater's tow hook drops off, and falls into a puddle of mud. However, Mater doesn't realize this, and the next morning, he tells Thomas and James at Tidmouth Sheds about his amazing tractor tipping and James is the first one to point out that Mater's hook is missing. A mortified Mater starts to worry that he will lose his job without his hook. Thomas and James vow to find Mater's hook for him. However, the two are unable to find it, so James comes up with an idea. He suggests that they should find some other things that look like Mater's old hook. They use various objects such as a wooden hanger, a candy cane, and a fishing rod, but Mater isn't satisfied with any of these things, as he just wants his old hook back. Mater, James, and Thomas arrive at the tractor field where Mater was last night. Thomas finds Mater's hook in the mud puddle, and after that, Mater promises to be more careful when tractor tipping.


  • Thomas
  • Edward (cameo)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • James
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Mater
  • Tractors


  • Mater uses the following objects for a replacement hook:
  • 1. A wooden hanger
  • 2. A candy cane
  • 3. A fishing rod
  • 4. A string
  • 5. A piece of wire
  • 6. A chain


Narrator: It was a dark night. Some tractors were sleeping peacefully. Mater the tow truck drove up behind one of the tractors, and blasted his horn out loud. The tractor woke up, and tipped over. Then, Mater sneaked up on another sleeping tractor, and blasted his horn out loud again. The tractor woke up, and tipped over too. Then, Mater went behind another tractor, and blasted his horn so loudly, that his tow hook flew off, and it landed in a puddle of mud. But Mater didn't know. He just went back to his shed to sleep. The next morning, at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas and James were just waking up.

Thomas: Good morning, James.

James: Good morning, Thomas.

Narrator: Just then, Mater arrived.

Mater: Good morning, you two. I did some major tractor tipping last night. I went honk, and then, all the tractors tipped over.

James: Wow, that's amazing, Mater! Erm... Mater, where's your tow hook?

Mater: Well, what do ya mean, where's my tow hook, it's always right here on my...

Narrator: Then, Mater gasped.

Mater: Oh, no! My hook! It's gone! Oh, what am I gonna do? If I don't have my hook, I'll lose my job! Then, all my friends will laugh at me, even the tractors will laugh at me! Oh, please help me out! What if someone sees me like this?

James: Don't worry, Mater. Thomas and I will find your hook for you.

Thomas: We will indeed!

Mater: Thank you, Thomas. Thank you, James. Now, please hurry, 'cause if you don't find my hook, I'll be doomed.

Narrator: So Thomas and James set off on their important mission. They had to find Mater's tow hook. But it was nowhere to be found.

Thomas: I give up, James. We've looked everywhere, but we just don't know where it is.

James: Thomas, I have an idea! Maybe we should find something that looks like Mater's old hook. You know, something that is straight at the top, and curved at the bottom.

Thomas: James, you're a genius!

Narrator: So Thomas and James began to look for some things that were like Mater's old hook. Thomas found a wooden hanger, and James found a candy cane. Thomas found a fishing rod, and James found a string. Thomas found a piece of wire, and James found a chain. All the objects that Thomas and James had found were put on a flatbed. And together, Thomas and James pulled it back to Tidmouth Sheds. They puffed past the tractor field, but they didn't see Mater's tow hook lying in the mud puddle. Meanwhile, Mater was waiting sadly at Tidmouth Sheds.

Mater: What if Thomas and James don't find my hook?

Narrator: Just then, he heard Thomas and James' whistles in the distance.

Thomas and James: (in unison) We're here!

Mater: Did you two find my hook?

Thomas: Erm... sorry, Mater. We didn't find your hook.

James: We've looked everywhere, the docks, the quarry, even the coaling plant, but all I can say is, we found some things that look like your old hook.

Narrator: Thomas and James puffed forward, and they showed Mater all the things they had found.

Mater: Well, that's okay, but...

James: Please, Mater, can you at least try one of them on?

Mater: Okay, but as long as it looks good on me.

Narrator: So Mater tried on the wooden hanger. Thomas and James stared strangely at him.

Mater: I knew it. It doesn't look good on me.

Narrator: So Mater swung the hanger off. Next, Mater tried on the candy cane. Once again, Thomas and James stared strangely at him.

Mater: This just isn't right. Although, it is good enough to eat.

Narrator: Then, he tried on the fishing rod.

Thomas: That's too big.

Narrator: So Mater swung it off. Next, he tried on the string.

James: What do you expect? That's too small.

Narrator: Then, Mater tried on the piece of wire.

Mater: I feel weird with this on.

Narrator: Finally, he tried on the chain. But Thomas and James didn't like it.

Mater: Well, that's the last one. Thanks, you two, but I don't think these things suit me. I wish I had my old hook back.

James: When was the last time you had your hook, Mater?

Mater: Well, let's see. I was driving along the road last night, and then, I went to the tractor field, and that's where I was tractor tipping.

Thomas: Then we'd better look for it at the tractor field.

James: So, what are we waiting for? Let's go there!

Narrator: So Thomas, James, and Mater set off for the tractor field.

James: Hello, tractors!

Thomas: Shh, James! We haven't got time to speak to the tractors. We have to find Mater's tow hook!

Narrator: Suddenly, Thomas saw Mater's hook in the mud puddle.

Thomas: (quietly, so not to wake the tractors) I found it! I found Mater's hook! Hooray!

Narrator: Thomas' driver picked up Mater's hook, and held it in his hand. Then, they all went back to Tidmouth Sheds. At Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas' driver cleaned Mater's hook, and attached it to Mater's tow cable.

James: I'm glad we found your hook, Mater!

Mater: So am I. It must have fallen off while I was tractor tipping.

James: Ooh, you have to be a little more careful next time, Mater.

Mater: I will. Goodbye, you two.

Narrator: And Mater drove happily away.

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