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This is the Hookypedia.

It, unfortunately, rocks. It rocks so damn much! Halo

THAT ROCKS! I hope you enjoy this pointless page as much as I have.


Please.. I'm an honest citizen.. with a gun and a teddy!

I also like star wars. Do you like star wars? I'm not giving you the link to my favourite star wars site!

I also like the Living End. I don't get that either. It makes about as much sense as a crazy rabbit. Speaking of which..

Check out this site. BUT DONT TYPE IN THE URL YET!


You like me don't you? I'm amazed I created this wikicity so easily. You should be too.

You are? THANK YOU!

I shall now eat cake and a bit of cheese.

Not too much.

Not too little.

Just right.

I am my own diet trainer-guy-thingy.

That's totally awesome doncha think!

I'll tell you a joke. What does the foot say to the buttocks? KICK!


So that leaves a conclusion.

There ain't gunna be one!

Hahahahahahahhaahahahha. Ha. Ha. Ahem. Check out my blog at

Do that after you check out crazyrabbit.

Yes, my site is de awesome! Of course I wouldn't add the est! How selfish of me!

But anyway.. you better check out those sites.. their cool.

But you know what's cooler?

A nice cold can of really nauseating sweat beer.

Pure alcoholic disgust.

Remember folks, this is the Hookypedia.

I shall now tell you a story.


Bob: Hi Bill!

Bill: Hi Bob!

Bob: Hi Bill!

Bill: Hi Bob!

Texas Chainsaw Murderer: HI Bill and bob! *grabs chainsaw*

Bill: Say, arencha gunna use that chainsaw to mow us down?

TCM: Corse' not, this chainsaw is made from plastic! You'll have to wait until I get the next shipment of effective steel blades.

Bob: Sounds faaaab Texas Chains -

TCM: Shut up. I HATE IT WHEN people exaggerate my name. It's Bill.


Bill: That's really dumb. That's my name.

TCM: Aww jeez! We're terrible at making scary stories aren't we..

Bob: Uhhhh.. mmmmm... aaaaaaah...

Bill: What my retarded friend ment to say was yes, YOU'RE terrible at making scary stories and being a good evil villain.

TCM: What the heck do you mean by good evil and villain?

Bob: He means food, steve, and million!

TCM: You're annoying. I'm going to kill you.

Bill: NO BILL!


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