Hoop-a-Joop intro and outro is Pikachufreak's idea. This is the intro and outro sequence for Hoop-a-Joop since its premiere on September 11, 1999.


  • The intro is based on the one from DeviantArt, where we show Al Smith in his everyday life such as getting awakened by his brother Jim who is with their older one Donnie, meeting up with Amy Sommerstein, James Carmichael and Mel Szyzlak, and even an encounter with The Wolfpack. Most of all, a line of other Hoop-a-Joop characters are passed by Al before he arrives home to see Donnie and Jim and then turn the remote, with the show's logo title appearing afterwards. The song being played is Take On Me.


  • The outro shows a Group O'Frands photo that was uploaded on DeviantArt a while ago in a similar way. The text for the credits is written in the show's font and an Instrumental version of Take On Me plays. After the credits stop at the Copyright notice, the Warner Bros. Animation logo appears in a depending of release dates. Seasons 1-2 use the 1995-2001 logo, Seasons 3-9 use the 2001-2008 logo, Seasons 10-15 use the 2008-2014 logo, Season 16 uses the 2014-2015 logo and as of Season 17, the 2015 logo is seen.

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