Hoop Dee Doo It's A Engine Party

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Hoop Dee Doo It's A Engine Party is a video from The Enginegles


  • Thomas as Greg
  • James as Murray
  • Gordon as Anthony
  • Henry as Jeff
  • Emily as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Edward as Wags the Dog
  • Toby as Henry the Octopus
  • Salty as Captain Featersword
  • Rosie as Marie


  • Engine Party
  • Hoop Dee Doo
  • Little Children
  • Move Like Au Emu
  • La Cucaracha
  • Salty's Magic Buttons
  • Dance the Ooby-Doo with Emily
  • Play Your Guitar with James
  • Rosie's Wedding
  • Zoological Gardens
  • Swim Toby Swim
  • Fun On The Farm
  • Caveland
  • Run Around Run Run
  • The Wobbly Dance
  • Engine Hula

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